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    Strong Rumour Frank Onyeka (DM FCM)

    see post 117
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    Strong Rumour Frank Onyeka (DM FCM)

    I think some people's expectations are getting unrealistic....we are hardly in the running for Sancho or Haarland....yes we are in the Premier League but we will not do a Fulscum and pay silly money and we are not likely to be seeing Harry Kane in a Bees shirt anytime soon.
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    The Big Match 2021/22

    Nothing....... :ROFLMAO: Have mates from walking football who are avid Saints fans and they reckon they can get me a ticket but I will have to sit with them in the home area....Could I be the first 73 year old to get kicked out for being an away fan in the home end. :sorted::sorted:
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    Shirt Sponsor 2021/22

    Utilita now sponsoring Southampton shirts.
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    Wiki Premier League TV Coverage. All You Need to Know

    Hope Amazon improve their camera techniques before the season starts as not impressed with games I have seen on their platform last season.
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Spot on....I know loads of players in Europe thanks to Football Manager .... :sorted:
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Errr....yes actually I had heard of 4 of them before we signed them... :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Club Update on 2021/22 Season Tickets and Memberships

    This is so true and having gone to far flung outposts such as Barrow, Workington and Darlington over the years and to both the away games in the Anglo Italian Cup at Ascoli and Ancona it does bug me a bit that now we are successful I am not able to get a season ticket but being an old git of 73...
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    Club Update on 2021/22 Season Tickets and Memberships

    I had an email from Artur at the ticket office saying all season tickets are sold out....copy of email below dated 3rd June. "Thank you for visiting our New Stadium website and registering your interest in finding out more. You will start to receive a monthly e-newsletter from us outlining all...
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    And his one goal last season back in December was against...........Brentford !! :ROFLMAO:
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    Henrik Dalsgaard

    Don't see why that is any concern of ours.
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    I have seen a lot of Balcombe and for me he doesn't inspire confidence in his defence and makes far too many simple errors but having said that he is a fairly good shot stopper. At Doncaster he cost them several games with his indecision and eventually found himself out of the team and to answer...
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Just my opinion but I am not impressed with Balcombe and certainly would not want him as our back up keeper in the Prem.
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    GPG Running Costs - How You Can Help

    Happy to do my small bit in your quest to avoid financial meltdown !!.... GPG has always been a rock to turn to when my life was upside down.
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