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    Brentford FC - iFollow

    First time watching a game on ifollow - is it normal for crowd noise to completely drown out commentary?
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    Ex-Pat Bees fans

    Grand Rapids, Michigan
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    2009-2010 BU Fantasy Football competition

    Can't be disappointed about coming 2nd to someone who finished 30th out of 2.3 million!
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    2009-2010 BU Fantasy Football competition

    of course :wave: am expecting it to be a little tougher this time around...
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    Swansea City v Brentford - Reports and Reaction

    Are you kidding?! :eek: What happened after we left? The cops drove away before we did, so it must have gone downhill pretty quickly?!
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    Bournemouth Match Reports & Reaction

    Nothing to add except - a) Jo definitely made a meal of the challenge. Don't get me wrong, definitely a foul, but he would have been given it if he was less dramatic b) Could Jo please show Alex how to put pressure on defenders. His workrate is incredible, if Alex did even 10% of that, it...
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    Brentford V Bradford City Match Reports

    :nono: MOM for me... brilliant in the second half
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    Crowd for Hartlepool

    Uh oh. Hope I can still get a ticket. What time do the gates open?
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    Asking Bournemouth for more tickets

    Happily if it meant another £10k into our coffers
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    Asking Bournemouth for more tickets

    Can we? They should be safe after Saturday, surely it is worth the club putting in a desperate plea on Monday morning?
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    Home End Bournemouth tickets

    I live in Reading, so will give it a go...
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    Home End Bournemouth tickets

    Anyone know if the home allocation has sold out? And if not whether it is possible to get tickets without being on their database? I'm guessing not :(
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    Who would pay for promotion

    If that is really true then why not bet all that money on us not getting promoted. :idea:
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    Weekend Games

    Personally I'd be happy with 4 points. Can't see us beating Rotherham but the way it has been recently neither 2 wins nor 2 defeats would surprise me
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    Got your Bournemouth ticket yet?

    Was on holiday until yesterday so also unable to get one... Please PM me if you happen to have one spare
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