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    Vitaly Janelt

    How much is this guy worth now? Not only that but how much will he be worth in 2/3 years? Did he really cost us £500k 😂😂
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    The Club Shop

    Why is the online shop so badly stocked? Hardly any sizes available and why don’t they offer all the kits in infant sizes? A lot of my friends put their kids in lots of different clubs kits Barcelona, Real Madrid etc, I prefer him in just Brentford but it makes it difficult when he can only have...
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    Charlie Goode

    Due to the lack of info given by the club as to why he’s been unavailable it may be more of a mental issue rather than physical. Whatever the reason great to see him back 👍🏼
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    Team vs Oldham

    I know, my concern is Pinnock came off injured, luckily nothing too serious. However this may be controversial but I would rather of lost the game than lost Pinnock, even for a few weeks. I know lots of ifs and buts but I’d just rather risk not getting through than risk one of the first names on...
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    Team vs Oldham

    I like this team, but do we need to play Pinnock? I’d rather give one of the B team a chance. We’ve got the experience with Zanka.
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    Mads Roerslev Rasmussen

    That ball into Jiminez who should of scored wasn’t too shabby though.
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    Kristoffer Ajer

    I also think it’s brilliant how he celebrates and so he should, some of the challenges are as good as a goal. Class
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    QPR B v Brentford B Wed 15 Sep 19:00

    Suprised Fosu didn’t get any game time
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    Tariqe Fosu

    If he’s a professional then he will get his head down and prove to everyone that he deserves to be a part of this squad. If he gives up and sulks then he deserves to go back to the lower leagues. From what I’ve seen of him, it will be the first option.
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    General Last Day of Transfer Window Documented

    I read this before, it’s a strange one! Everyone knows how hard it is to get out of the Championship and surely to become an established Prem team you have to stay in it. Or have West Brom and Fulham got the same idea? 🤔
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    My worry is are the management team happy with the squad? Phil didn’t seem very happy in his interview and it’s been well talked about we tried to get players in. Obviously we’ve not been able to, although they wouldn’t say it exactly how it is, (Giles said we’ve decided to trust in what we...
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    It’s a well known fact we’ve been trying to sign a right back. Would you really want Mads and Finn S at their current ability up against some of those Prem players? I like your positive spin on it though.
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    He’s not available after today’s deadline though? And by the sounds of it nothing is happening tonight
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Yes I’ve just seen his salary online, if true scrap that
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Aurier could be having his contract mutually terminated. Free transfer?
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