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  • Hi Hobbsy,

    Banana has said you’re the man to talk to about this...

    My junior ST holder cousin has received the form the club where you register to receive an iFollow code to watch the remaining games, however it stats all junior ST holders will only receive a club shop voucher and only adults can watch the games.

    However he has followed the link to receive a code and entered his details and it’s said he will receive a code by 18th June as normal.

    What is the case with this? He will be devistated if he can’t watch the remaining games.

    Any help would be Greatly appreciated.
    Yes quite possibly, was just guessing. I have no idea of his own circumstances btw. :shrug:
    Re Mr Drone:

    Wasn’t suggesting it was a career change but rather if he got the certificates he could keep doing what he’s been doing.

    Seems a better use of donations than paying a 3rd party?
    .............good afternoon young man.....Just had a phone call from James and he has been informed that the boat will have to depart at 10.15 on Saturday and not 11.00 as previous.Its due to a pre arranged race on the Thames.Don't know if the new details can be put onto the ticketing site.........Many thanks...........Keith........
    Hello Hobbsy.
    Re the beesplayer issue.
    My home email address is:
    Thanks in anticipation of resolving the issue. Don't get to too many games so is very much a lifeline!
    Did get to Wolves last week...............oh joy!
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