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    TAPs: The 6k Club

    Does anyone know what the max is?
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    TAPs: The 6k Club

    @super J must be up there but he missed his train yesterday so might have surrended his lead!
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    Shandon Baptiste

    No Ghoddos. I rate Fosu but hes not a central midfielder. Ghoddos has good technical abilty but he is too slow. He doesnt suit our style of play imo.
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    Championship 21/22

    Whose family did he go with?
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    Saïd Benrahma (West Ham)

    I suspect he wont keep that goal!
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    Shandon Baptiste

    Hes miles better then Ghoddos.
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    Shandon Baptiste

    I think he will feel the pain of the sending off. As with Frank and Jensen fit again. There is a hell of a lot of competition for places.
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    Jimmy Greaves RIP

    My dad once left the pub to go and watch the game. Jimmy Greaves was still in there. Greaves then scored a hat trick at the game my dad went to. By the time my dad got back to the pub greaves was already there with another pint!
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    Mads Roerslev Rasmussen

    Ive never understood why big clubs have been linked with him. Hes like a more muscular Myles Weston!
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    Mads Roerslev Rasmussen

    Dont know if it was deliberate or not but his foul when Pontus had gone off and we were down to 9 men was crucial in getting Jorgenson on.
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    Ivan Toney

    Absolutely f***ing superb today.
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    John Swift (Reading)

    He was 21 and acted like a ****. If you act like a **** dont be shocked if people dont like it and call you on it.
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    John Swift (Reading)

    He acted like a **** going on about getting paid whether we won and lost. This was after numerous performance where he put no effort in. No sympathy from me.
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    Who's improved and who's regressed?

    He has been brilliant this season. But you cant say hes one of the top 5 or 6 in the league after 4 games and the levels of some of the others in the league. Most if not all of the playing squad have improved as we have moved on anyone who hasnt been up to the standard in the main.
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    Mark Warburton (QPR)

    I see that teams have worked out his setup for the season now and they are already starting to slide down the league.
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