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  • Have a lovely time, safe journey! Yes we are going to Carlisle, making a weekend of it. Really looking forward to the start of the season, as you say so many good games to look forward too. Yes we will see you and Jasmine at Charlton. Up the bees Karen x
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    Had to wait a sodding hour and 20 mins for a number 65 back to Ealing Broadway (thanks TFL) - still nice to see all the Bees players walk past after the match on their way home and nice of David Heath to take the time to stop and ask why we were still standing at the New Road bus stop at 6.25pm!!
    Bad accident in Kingston. Kingston Bridge closed for a long time in both directions and the one way system logjammed. All Kingston shoppers had to go to Richmond to cross the river. The traffic going north was solid from Kingston to Richmond and hardly moving hence the 65 problem. I hope that nice Mr Heath took you all home.

    Sensible decision to walk to S Ealing!!!
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