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  • Robert Smith. I never made it into the school football team, wasn't good enough. :) I hung around with a guy called Steve Czyher, big bloke that looked like chief out of "one flew over the cuckoos nest". LOL. The only thing I remember doing well at school was at cross country running. I was good at Maths, English, History etc, lousy at Woodwork, Metalwork etc. I think at one time in our class we had a Robert Smith, a Roger Smith and a Robin Smith or some such. It's all pretty vague to me now I'm afraid. :)
    Hi I see you went to Brentford Sec Mod about the same time as me .I left in 1966.I seem to remember Jim Danby was in my year . I played for the School football team throughout with people like Peter Keadell, Reggie Webb etc.What was your name prior to becoming IB ?
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