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    Matthew Cox

    He's class. His distribution is already better than most prem keepers.
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    2022/23 Premier League Fixtures Thur June 16th at 0900

    I'm happy with that. The title could already be decided when we play Liverpool and Man City, so I'd rather play them at the end.
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    Last night after the Denmark game.
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    On Holiday Christian Eriksen

    It sounds like we're his 2nd or 3rd priority. Here is the interview he gave: Eriksen om fremtid: Mobilen er tændt på ferien The big question is then. Where will you play after the summer holidays? - Now I must first and foremost take summer vacation, and then that decision must come when it...
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    Christian Nørgaard

    Nørgaard has left the Danish camp because of his injury. Let's hope he is ready for pre-season.
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    Where will we get the points in 22/23?

    I can see us beating everyone at home. So that's already 57 points on the board.
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    Mads Bech Sørensen

    He didn't make the cut for the final Danish squad ahead of the Nations League matches.
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    Wiki B Team Contracts Updates - Summer 2021

    I thought that initially, but after taking up the 1-year options for players like Trevitt and Gilbert, (who I don't see having a long term future in Brentford) I think we will keep the B-team running for at least one more season.
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    Suggestion Mikkel Damsgaard (Sampdoria AM)

    He has just told the danish press that he suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and takes medicine against it, so I think it would be too risky to pursue this player. At least we would need to see him get back to his best and perform consistenly before considering it.
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    Mads Roerslev Rasmussen

    I think this means that in case of an injury or illness in defence, Mads could get a spot. But as things stand, he is not in the squad.
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    Mathias Jensen

    I think he has earned himself a new deal, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him extend over the summer.
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    David Raya

    David has been selected for Spain again. I really hope he goes to the World Cup.
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    Mads Bech Sørensen

    Not good enough at this level, sadly. It says it all that we look better when we throw midfielders into the backline instead of him.
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    Sergi Canós

    Great header. The rest was foolish.
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