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    Marcus Forss - Signs to June 2023

    Anticipation and movement for his goal was first class. Made it easy for Toney to find him and time to get a good shot in. Well done lad! Notable mention to Fosu for buying himself time with a nice touch and delivering a great cross
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    Hey Jude Pre-match

    Elland Road “Marching on together” & Stoke “Delilah” spring to mind
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    Nico Yennaris

    His identical twin brother also changed his name.........they are now Loo Ke, Li Ke
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    Random spotting of ex-players . . .

    Did my washing in a launderette on the Goldhawk Road at the same time as Marcus Gayle the night before the West Ham away game Apr 93. Curious others, unaware of who he is, listen in as we talk. I told him I was going to the game the next day, "See you there..." he replies ahead of the big game...
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    Fair enough I work in sales and marketing, we generally ask our customers about their views on planned products to gauge demand, identify target segments of the market and adjust our messages to suit. I am sure the club could find 100 willing volunteers who'd contribute their views occasionally.
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    Thank you - my OP did state "I am sure I don't know all the facts...." and this was one I didn't know
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    Emiliano Marcondes - Signs to June 2021

    This is a game of very fine margins, Why hand the opposition an extra advantage, no matter how small? I thought the comment was daft - didn't you?
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    Then the shop needs to be better at assessing demand because they have missed an opportunity. Still don't get the need for a 3rd kit at all apart from, maybe, Preston, Derby and Bournemouth away where you could wear white shorts & either top anyway.... ....UNLESS you saw a way to make some...
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    Especially when they have clearly misjudged demand for it as it is already sold out. If it is a money spinning exercise then it can't have spun that much money and if it is truly a commemorative thing then release it next year when people will wear it at games and it might have sold more. I am...
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    B team v Leicester U23s Tues 3rd Nov 12pm

    See post #17 - think this is where you are getting confused
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    Music the Players ran out to....

    Not one for the younger generation but I find the Thunderbirds theme tune to be rather rousing 5......4.......3.......2......1............. Thunderbirds are go!
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    B team v Leicester U23s Tues 3rd Nov 12pm

    Thought so. Thanks :sorted:
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    B team v Leicester U23s Tues 3rd Nov 12pm

    Which Thanawat Suengchitthawon is that? Could you include his middle name in future to differentiate them please?
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    Sergi Canos - signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    He was poor last night he came on, putting us under pressure needlessly a couple of times, and hasn't hit the heights of early last season but it's unfair to write him off, especially considering his injury. He was good when he came on against Wednesday. Had Toney connected better he'd have had...
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