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  • Keith, fantastic day at Brighton yesterday. I was in London for the weekend and caught the club coach down. I have a ticket for Newcastle for you. Kev and I will be driving down to Villa on Wednesday, we could pick you up if you wish, speak soon, Peter
    Keith, we have our last issue of the season out soon. Any chance you can do an article for us about you leaving the UK and how you miss the Bees, how you keep in touch, etc?
    mate, your ok ?? seen your avatar and can't forget the story you told me regarding you it her picture ?? very beautiful...take care, Brian in Denmark
    Keith -

    We exchanged some emails when I was living in Croydon (now Reigate) and you were working there.
    Anyway, just a quick one, out of interest - was that you in a Ford with BFC in the registration that I was behind yesterday at traffic lights near Felbridge, saw the Bees stickers in the back window and attracted your attention with thumbs up and Owusu signs and you waved back?
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