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  • Hi mate bit cheeky but if you're not using your sts for Leeds I'd gladly make use of them for me and my a genuine bees fan you can check out my posting history! Cheers..Ben

    It was a genuine pleasure to nudge you over the 3k, that's the easy bit, you are doing the hard bit, best of luck with the run

    Brentford is one big wonderful dysfunctional family and the GPG is a great part of it.

    All the very best to you and your family

    Peter and all the little Glasgow Bees up here
    Morning Sir.

    Did you want he dog crate? Its just that another GPGer has expressed an interest, but I'd prefer to give you first dibs on it.


    07887 998955
    Fortunately I'm not sensitive. I started refereeing about 30 years ago (now retired) and over the years have been told:

    Bald headed ****
    Grow some balls
    Got no bottle
    Can't make a decision
    Kin useless
    Cheating ****

    So, despite having little hair, no testicles, lacking any bottle, can't see past the end of my nose, unable to make a decision, waste of space, a cheat, a fraud and indulge in self gratification.....I'm still going strong.

    Try not to take things to heart, it could get you down.
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