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    Final Score Brentford 1 (Toney) Wolves 2 Att 16,982 Plus Drone

    Echo's of the 1992 season where it was our first season in Div 2(now the Championship) and we did well up to Christmas then fell apart and were relegated on the final day. I dearly pray we can bolster the squad with quality and have a rethink on formation.
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    Final Score Brentford 1 (Toney) Manchester United 3 Att 17,094

    Free hit game no matter. Put the same effort in vs Wolves and a bit more composure it could go our way.
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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    Lets hope it doesn't turn into 5 or 6 nil. Would be a huge damage to confidence. As others have said this game and the Man Utd game are free hits. Its the home game against Crystal Palace that becomes a must win or must get points from. Given the way Wolves are playing we would also do well to...
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    The Ashes 2021/22

    Shameful end. Need to change Ashes to 3 tests now. No one wants to watch one sided drubbings. Until the powers that be take a long look at the domestic game and prioritise tests and preparing of tests this is just the start of many more humiliations to come
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    South Africa v India 3 tests & 3 ODIs series

    Kohli has a superb record. 40 wins as captain in 68 tests. Would have easily broken Graeme Smith's most wins as test captain record had he stayed a few more years. I personally think its a bit early for him to give up the captaincy, he is only 33. Perhaps he has an eye on his form which has...
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    South Africa v India 3 tests & 3 ODIs series

    SA win the series 2-1. A great comeback after the first test. And this without arguably their best bowler (Nortje) and no current world class bat in their line up. And losing QDK along the way. I do like the look of young Peterson. A shame he did not get 100. India will be kicking themselves...
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    South Africa v India 3 tests & 3 ODIs series

    Newlands offers more bounce so not beyond the realms that the ball could have missed. Wasn't impressed with Kohli's behaviour thereafter yelling into the stumps and what he said. I know in general India are anti DRS but the technology will get most things right more than the umpire for sure...
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    Final Score Southampton 4 Brentford 1 (Janelt)

    It happens in the PL. We've done well to avoid thrashings up till now.
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    Managerial Moves 2021/22

    The special one can't have long left. 3-1 up vs Juv at home and concede 3 goals in 7 minutes to lose 3-4. Languishing in 7th. Well away from CL qualification spot.
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    The Ashes 2021/22

    Problem with the England captaincy is the side is such a shambles who else can take the challenge. I wouldn't burden Stokes who needs to play his natural game and not get further bogged down with the responsibility. Probably not Buttler either who should perhaps move to specialise in white ball...
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    Brentford vs Manchester City predictions

    Damage limitation game. Think it could end up 0-8 if we concede early goals.
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    Chelsea (H) ** CONFIRMED AS ON **

    I've also done the same. Credit for a future game. Am nowhere near feeling great but currently negative. I've got vulnerable inlaws coming over at Christmas both in their 80's and need to protect them.
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    Final Score Brentford 2 (Jansson, Mbeumo (p)) Watford 1 Att 16,861

    Totally epic. Friday night and Brentford are just made for each other
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    Final Score Brentford 2 (Jansson, Mbeumo (p)) Watford 1 Att 16,861

    Watford aren't bad. Dennis excellent. Full of goals and assists. Rank 6th in goals scored since Ranieri took over. However they don't defend well. Would be gobsmacked if they kept a clean sheet we just need to be better with our crossing and set pieces
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    Final Score Spurs 2-0 Brentford

    It's the games against Leeds,Southampton and Watford that we need to be up for. If we can't impose ourselves in those games it will be a long winter and a desperate struggle
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