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    Come on The Blades

    I see this thread's going really well for you Stander
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    Bees United Lionel Road Book

    Just received, what a lovely book! Thanks Bees United, very grateful, Merry Christmas to you!
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    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Ah sorry mate, I'm a bit slow on the uptake today....was slightly 'refreshed' last night !
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    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Bilic sacked
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    Your experience of the new Stadium

    Brilliant, loved it, what an amazing stadium! And cant wit for our dugout bar to be open, looked great
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    Pubs on Reduced Attendance Matchdays

    What a jolly cheerful post, I thought this was a thread about pubs on match days?
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    NEWS Tickets Invitations for Derby (H)

    Totally agree maddogging Have you get a Derby one in the end?
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    Yeah fair point mate although I'd be happy to pay that, I just wanna go! Oh well, lets hope Derby ticket comes through
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    Yeah I would sit anywhere mate!
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    Ah I see, ok mate thats a good shout Bit weird (aka bloody annoying!!) that people who've had STs for less years get to go, buy hey, fingers crossed for Derby now...
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    I've had ST for longer than that and just got email saying I've not got ticket for Saturday I don't understand
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    Same here....keep checking phone for missed call every 5 minutes (lie, every 30 seconds...)
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    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    Same here mate, nothing so far.... Amongst our lot some have had emails confirming they have a ticket for Blackburn, others have had emails saying they may have tickets for Reading or Bournemouth, and one has had email saying that due to being in a Tier 3 region he won’t be getting tickets, but...
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