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  • Hiya John, Yes it was I ;-) What was you doing down there ? Saw you turned off on the A264 just by Felbridge into a house down there. Nosey Parker ain't I ?!!
    I wondered who that was. Didn't recognise you, but did see the Owusu wave.
    How you doing ? Well I trust. What's been happening with you then ?
    I need to change those stickers in the back of my car .. they are about 10 years old !! The number plate is supposed to denote Keith 4 Brentford Football Club. My Wife bought it me a while back. You still going to the games ? I'm interviewing the players now for the Matchday programme ;-) Did Adam Newton today for the Morecambe game.
    Where you watching the Notts County game ? Maybe we could meet ?
    All the best and Up the Bees, Keith
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