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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    It's not the question it's the way it was put. To me asking WTF suggests that you don't trust them. Isn't language wonderful?
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    Footballers In Trouble

    Yes he apologised, I feel that after the fact still doesn't fully do it for me. The real point in my post was that Somebody supposedly said that Rashford should accept racist abuse.
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    Footballers In Trouble

    I'm confused, who said that Rashford should accept racist abuse? The point is that he appears happy to be associated with a known racist, although maybe that racism is different so more acceptable.
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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    Unlike you I trust them and their strategy.
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    More than 26 dollars though.
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    Final Score Brentford 1 (Toney) Manchester United 3 Att 17,094

    Rhyming slang, and I’d not argue with you.😃
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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    No problem and not offended, people think a lot worse of me.😂 Likewise regarding John O’Mara, always exciting when he was on the pitch (and not suspended).
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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    I know, that was the joke about standards. Your not thinking I didn’t no?
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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    I wish I'd of known. :ROFLMAO:
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    Ethan Pinnock

    Sorry but bringing Lossl in will help Pinnock, after 1 game against lower league opposition? I'm not saying don't bring him in but this argument seems flawed at best.
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    Australian Tennis Open 2022

    Not sure an admin error is the correct reason, the Australian regulations state that exemption from entry is not given if you've had covid. The tennis authorities can give exemption into their tournament but it still relies on government permission being granted.
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    Álvaro Fernández

    Out of interest who of our fit keepers would?
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    Games at Bradford Park Avenue

    Can't find the ticket stub.😀
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    Australian Tennis Open 2022

    According to Australian regulations previous infection is not enough, you still need to have been vaccinated.
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