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    6 days that finished our season....

    We've lost 3 in 24, or 1 in 8, that's good, promotion type form. With Watford coming like a train, weren't we a couple of weeks ago? Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!
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    The Times Article on Banned Supporters (Spilt Thread)

    Ultras may not be the correct word for you but are the numpties using it about themselves, the braindead relish titles such as this as it appears to heighten their place in the world. Unfortunately I think it is valid journalism to 'bring up the whole sorry saga again" if he has been threatened...
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    IF we are Promoted, Which GPG Members should be Off-loaded?

    Plus anyone who starts a post with So...
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    Watching from Home

    Tried it but wasn't keen in the mint sauce. Thursday night is PPASRC (pork pie appreciation society running club) and we have warm pork pies afterwards. Yes, I am a Northerner now, for good or bad.
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    Watching from Home

    Point 16 👍👍👍
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    Saïd Benrahma

    Wash your mouth out!
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    Ellery Balcombe - (June 2025) - On Loan to Doncaster Rovers

    Twas flicked on in front of him.
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    Tony Craig

    It was very quiet next door today, can't think why! :D :D :D
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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    On the BBC last night somebody said that it's been a game of two halves, at half time. Didn't catch his name, just flicked over for the score.
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    Player that has scored most goals against us

    They used to say that Emlyn Hughes scored most against Liverpool, one for Wolves, I think, and the rest own goals. Could that be the case for The Bees?
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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    You get that quite often, "there are just 30 seconds before the ref blows his whistle" and then they're astonished that it goes on for longer.
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    Certainly don’t want to maintain the status quo.
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    Nicknames for Players

    Imre 'Ollie' Varadi (check his Twitter name!).
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    This was for me on a Facebook group: Alan Shearer, Ant and Dec, Cheryl Cole, Peter Beardsley, Mark Knopfler, sting. Your boys took one hell of a beating From a Leeds fan!
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