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    The Away Lounges

    Animal farm
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    Drone Stops Play

    Dead footballers are the least of our problems if there are armed terrorist drones.
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    FiveThirtyEight Predicted Table 2021/2

    Treat yourself to a look at betfair Spurs 260/1 Man u 320/1
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    Neal Maupay (Brighton & HA)

    I think we have. Our fanbase is 3 times what it was 10 years ago. We havent lost many games in the last 10 years.
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    Is there a fire drill?

    It's risky as well, bloke behind me left at 1-1 v Watford. Different bloke at GP left at 2-0 with 10 to go v Millwall in THAT game. On the flip side, the QPR 2-2, we were the only ones to witness it.
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    Charlie Goode

    Yes weird referring display. Cleverley referred the first hour and we had no yellows, when he went off I assumed it would be more even yet we ended up 4 0 on yellows.
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    MotM Man of the match v Watford (H)

    Special mention to the no dick head rule, no trotta Wright Phillips f'ing things up with Billy Big b***ocks. Entire team knew Bryan was taking it and left him alone.
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    Final Score Brentford 2 (Jansson, Mbeumo (p)) Watford 1 Att 16,861

    Probably won us the game pushing the added time to 5 mins
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    Fortress Lionel Road??

    Couple next to me have been at the arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea games. For Brighton a Chelsea and an Arsenal fan sat in their seats, exchange?. Leicester one was used, yesterday both empty. I reckon we will see them twice in December for united and city, then spurs and then next season.
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    Bees 3-3s

    Recent one, Barnet fa cup
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    So good the TW8 eating is cheating rule may have been broken vs Brighton (No names obvs)
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    Fleet John Premier League Match Report Thread 2021/22

    If only we had someone with a drone
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    The Crystal Palace Supporter Today

    We have a few on this site who know their textiles What's would his jacket weigh in per yard
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    Long throws

    Think Crouch said teams lost the plot and would try and stop it going out for a throw and give away a corner instead.
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    Euro 2020 Twitter Racism - majority from the UK

    £100 deposit per account Sprout crap, lose your money...better still, sprout crap give your money to the person your are sprouting crap at. Open a new account with same bank details, £500. Do it again £1000 and so on.
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