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    Tickets Chelsea (H) (EFL Cup) All Members now (ST Holders 6 each from Thur 15:00)

    Just got my two extra needed. Told the boss all good
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    Team vs Spurs (A)

    A little tongue in cheek but with 7 games between now and Boxing Day Something will need to give somewhere.
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    Team vs Spurs (A)

    give all that are carrying knocks the night off. Concentrate on Sunday.
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    Everton (H) Champagne Moment

    Sat for many a year, half way back behind the away dugout. often heard a triangle behind me, more towards the Wendy house.
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    Everton (H) Champagne Moment

    if it is the same guy, sat 8n the new road for a long time.
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    Final Score Bees 1 (Toney p) Everton 0 Att 16,957

    Just home, looked at the league table, all is good 😊😁😁😁😁
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    The Sale of Newcastle United

    @The Fish Over the years there have been some inspirational owners/ management at football clubs. the staff that Liverpool had in the 70’s and 80’s, to make the club what it is today as without that LIverpool would not be what it is today. what the owners of Manchester United owe SIr Alex can...
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    Dug out bar entry after game

    yes, easiest way is to walk down the stairs to level 1
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    Travel Brighton (a) Good luck with this

    Bognor to Brighton, return Boxing Day £ 180.00 by taxi 🧐
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    Bryan Mbeumo

    Easy, get time to practice with a goal, a foot narrower and 6 inches lower. Surprising how much smaller it looks but you still have to beat the keeper.
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    Ticket Exchange Everton (H) Spares/Wants

    feel for you. Missed the last two games for the same reason. Nothing more frustrating.
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    Red Card of the weekend

    agree all seems very soft but I think the rules say, any contact on another player from the neck up, it’s a red no question.
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    Managerial Moves 2021/22

    i remember when we ( not GPG ) used to discuss who was the better/ worse centre back, him or Harley Dean.
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    I’m a Newcastle fan on here for one week

    Nope, the one and same. Badly worded but was just trying to show of his other virtues.
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