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    Downhill Ski-ing

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    Yes, Manchester United at home!

    ''Those tits and lips cost me a bloody fortune !''
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    Australian Tennis Open 2022

    I'll stick with Tesco then. :hat:
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    Best Bees Moments In Pictures

    He played in any position the team required. Never booked in his 14 years service ! He was 'steady and reliable' outside of football too. :hat:
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    Best Bees Moments In Pictures

    Nice to see Uncle Ken remembered. He's third from left, front row. :hat:
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    Over-rated Players

    They're also both guilty of crimes against hairdressing.✂️ :hat: 🚿
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    Boring posts.

    Moistly Moribund is my pet name for the missus. 😬
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    Boring posts.

    It's an elephant that's not very well, innit. :hat:
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    Boring posts.

    You're clearly a smart chap, Mr Hat. I therefore felt obliged to google ‘Consescenders’. I conclude that you're not as smart as I thought you were. Worse still, neither am I. 🤭
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    Favourite Watering Hole near to BCS? ?

    Old habits die hard. Met my brother in the Griffin late afternoon, yesterday. We can't be arsed with late trains home so we stayed overnight at the Premier Inn on the High Street. Had a few drinks at the Watermans Arms, just round the corner in Ferry Lane. Surprisingly quiet in there for a...
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    Bees v Chelsea league cup predictions…

    Tuchel is the only doubting Thomas 😬 Bees to WIN ! :hat:(y)
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    Signed New Contract Pontus Jansson

    My dog turned them down back in the summer. 🐶:hat:
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    Final Score Leeds 2 - 2 Bees (Baptiste, Canos)

    Mummy must have tied the strings on his coat a bit too tight. 🤭
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