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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Yes, I was about to post the same link!
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    Phil Giles

    It isn’t, I think Billy got a few facts wrong last night.
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    Phil Giles

    Enjoyed driving back from Cambridge listening to the interview, although Billy Reeves did make a few factual errors. Oh and Mr Westbrook surely the best game ever in living memory had to be the Championship playoff final? 1992 was good n all that but May this year tops that, clearly!
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    Suggestion Jake Bidwell (Swansea LB)

    Changed it for you
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    I’m not sure I’d agree re Fosu. Talented yes but from what I’ve heard I don’t think he has the application to make it at this level and that is something that was also clearly noted at Charlton and possibly even at Oxford. He is certainly down the pecking order for a RWB slot, I’d have Stevens...
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    Gone Elsewhere Nikola Vlasic (Signed for West Ham)

    Throw away comments linking players to the Bees are great, it means West Ham end up overpaying !
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    Unlikely Jens Cajuste (FCM MF)

    So you’re saying there’s still a chance? :)
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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Nottm Forest AM)

    I suspect it’s because a) they intend to sell him and don’t want to risk him because of the potential for injury and b) Houghton prefers working with more experienced players (especially when fighting at the bottom end of the table) That said, I do agree with you insomuch as I thought the focus...
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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Nottm Forest AM)

    More of a wide man from what I’ve seen and read
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    Tariqe Fosu

    Guess your son’s friend won’t be getting much off the record info from Marcus in future should he ever get a chance to chat to him again. Perhaps you could have just used a “player source”...
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    Forest Green Rovers Tickets

    Smart casual is the attire across all the lounges.
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    Unlikely Jens Cajuste (FCM MF)

    Leeds play a very aggressive pressing game but the players need to be on it all the time. Bielsa rules with an iron fist, with routine weighings for players so much so they (the players) hate going out with their families as they need to be incredibly conscious over what they eat. That said...
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    Final Score Palace 0 Bees 0

    More like a Mathusalem for me the way I drink!
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    I’m still perplexed by the view that MBS would be a better option than Sergi* in our current 3-5-2 formation. MB was an excellent stop gap solution for LB in a 4-3-3, but when that stopped working for us and we went to 3 at the back, Frank opted for Sergi at LWB and Roerslev at RWB which got us...
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Hmm, so you’re suggesting we play a left footed centre back at RWB instead of a right footed inverted winger who can also play RWB? Who out of the two in that position do you think will most likely get found out at this level?
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