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  • Hello,

    The second goal for the GPG team (to make it 2-2) was scored by Ben Jackson, aka BenBee.

    That was actually his first ever goal at 11 aside (he's only played a couple of seasons as he turned 18 last month). What a time and place to do score it!


    It is a pity you do not answer the PM's I send to you - Looking at your Member Page gives details of when you are logged onto the GPG so I know you have seen the last 2 x PM's from me.

    I will put the Woosnam Hat and Book up for re auction on the GPG along with an explanation as to why it is being re auctioned - Do you have a message for the young kids at Feltham Bees that you have cheated ??

    Nice work Ladbroke.

    Hi Ladbroke.

    Left you a message on the GPG. But thought I had better communicate through here. Are you a scout ?? If not PM me as I am and we can arrange to have a look at the lad, doesn't matter if he's at Reading if he's under 9 as he wont be registered with Reading. If he plays local football on Saturdays he wont be either he will be just training on, probably Monday's and wont be in the elite squad.

    Readingbee ( Mike )

    Well done Ladbroke Great stuff and this is what we fans want to see every week,you never know you may be writing programme notes in a yr or so.
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