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    Norwich (H) Predictions

    The auto fill calendar thing, to get the fixtures in your home online calendar, shows it as Griffin Park still 😢 oh well there’s worse things in the world
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    yeah that’s a bit dumb and short sighted if it’s only available in store - or is that just the 3 day pre sale?
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    Round neck, as it’s on the site now
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    Said Benrahma

    I like it !
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    I think there’s a few kits that have never seen the light of day over the years. The difference between Adidas/puma/whoever producing say 40 shirts for 1 team “just in case” compared to rolling off a few thousand of differing size shirts for the retail market.
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    Things that have disappeared from football matches

    Tubby footballers...
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    2020/21 Kit - Now Announced

    When’s this 3rd shirt being announced then, I’m buying only 1 shirt this season and I want to see if it’s a nice one 😁
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    How will/should LR and other stadiums open/reopen to fans?

    “We are committed to getting spectators back into stadia as soon as it is safe to do so.” This is the new way of saying “shhhh go away, not now”
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    Phil Giles Transfer Summer 2020 Window Update

    How calming, I need him to read me a bedtime story
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    Transfer Forum: Was it a Success or Not?

    Liked it, bar some “suggestion” ideas, because that’s not actual speculation (if actual speculation is even a thing). Suggestions could be its own sub thread as it’s just us chewing the fat.
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    West Ham doing their usual gaz-undering trick (is that the word?) Last minute they say “oh actually we’ll only pay £20m” and then make it look like everyone else’s fault about how it’s complex
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    Barry Bannan

    Interesting, would be a good addition of mettle and experience for those Tuesday nights up north in the winter. Plus seems a decent guy
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    I thought those publications weren’t around any more?
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    Jonathan Douglas

    Did anyone see it?
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    Tribus TW8 Limited Edition Wristwatch

    Are those the pipes from the new road bogs, complete with burn holes from too much acidic pee due to the repeated tectonic combinations of Carlsberg and Balti pies
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