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    Champagne moment vs Birmingham City

    Aside from the 2nd half, finding out that my lost season ticket had been handed into the ticket office. Big thanks to whoever handed it in
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    Joe, you're as sad as me. Are you going on Tuesday?

    Joe, you're as sad as me. Are you going on Tuesday?
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    Leroy: 5 Games to Go - What's the measure of success?

    Agree totally, whats the point in five games? If you get to the position where you are given 5 games to turn things around, unless you are incrediably lucky with results you are dead in the water. I would imagine we need to change things before we go out of the cup in the first round. If that...
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    Rumours from the training ground

    :imwith: lol lol
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    Jay Tabb Signs for Coventry City

    good luck to you fella, a credit to the club and to yourself.
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    who are our best 5 players ????

    Turner, Tabb, Rhodes, O'Connor, Sodje
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    who are the top 5 players with most potential

    Turner, Osborne, Tabby, Rhodes and DJ
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    Our free kicks are rubbish...

    Agree fully, our goal came from a set piece last night, but more often than not, if we've had a set piece in front of goal this season the ball has not cleared the wall.
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    Our free kicks are rubbish...

    more stunning free kicks again last night :rolleyes: I can't understand why Tabby doesn't take them?
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    When have you gone mental on the terraces

    when beat Fulham 4-0. the New Road was packed, everyone was going mental and all before halftime as well :cool:
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    most miserable away experience

    Wigan away when they played at their old ground. 5 of us travelled up in an old Fiesta on a wet bank holiday Monday to see us lose 1-0. I think we should have turned round and gone straight back when we saw that Richard Cadette had been dropped and Mark Fleming had been picked to start.
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    Brentford v Bnmth Match Reports

    Aimless predictable hoof ball dross. :nono:
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    FAO - Jim Levack

    After leaving Walsall on tueday night and not quite making it home, I left a 'mark' if you like on a piece of 'very special' personal apparel. The 'legacy' of which will mean no more chicken balti pies in the midlands. See it's easy to make a 'mark' or leave a 'legacy' . Why the doubt?? :idea:
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