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    New "Bees Superstore"

    Only at cup matches, if we win on aggregates.
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    New "Bees Superstore"

    Perfect place, and there's now a rare opportunity for a Bees fan who wants a BFC coaster, a new Merc and a kitchen to get everything they need within a few yards. What could be better.
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    General Cricket Thread

    I wonder if he'd already been tipped the nod that he won't go to Australia so maybe he's been allowed to choose his exit, Anyway, regardless of the circumstances, I very much enjoyed his test career - there have been better players for sure but he took pride in how he conducted himself and was...
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    Mathias Jensen

    West Ham will be interesting. We will not out muscle them - they are a big team - so maybe we will try to up the passing which might mean a start for Matias.
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    Food and drink options at BCS

    I had fingernails as a light snack towards the end.
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    Pontus Jansson

    Hasn't sworn on the tele yet this season. Disappointing
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    Kristoffer Ajer

    It's the reason we hit the first man more often than we'd like. Very difficult skill.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Having watched Liverpool a lot under Klopp, long direct passes into Mane and Salah seem to be one of their most effective ways of scoring. I guess they're not "long ball" because they don't head them. 🤷‍♂️ If TTA couldn't play accurate long balls in the way he does, he'd just be a sh*t defender!
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    Vitaly Janelt

    He fits our side really well but is a way short of a top 6 side or full international imo.
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    Ivan Toney

    I think this particular cat is well out of the bag now so an England cap helps bump up his value even further. I bet there are some pig sick PL sides who regret not laying out £10m two seasons ago - most of the clubs who might have been interested can't afford him now. Few can tbh.
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    General Cricket Thread

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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Think he supports Tottenham Ed.......
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    David Raya

    England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal.
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    It must burn in him being so wrong back in 2016.
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