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  • Thanks so much for the YouTube vid on Hayes and Harlington area. I had never seen it before so enjoyed it so very much as it took me back to my childhood and made me realise just how much quieter life was then and the area so much more rural. Stirred up a lot of memories for me for which I say thankyou and seeing the EMI building in Hayes gave me a smile as it was there that I had my first job after leaving school.
    Hi there
    I don’t know you personally but have always enjoyed your posts. I realised today that you haven’t posted for a while and checked your last post - I can see that you had a disagreement with Banana (he must have been having a bad day as I can’t see any issues with what you posted). Anyway I hope you are ok and that you will be posting again soon.
    Best wishes
    Hi banana has been rude to me on other threads going on a couple of months now.
    I did stop posting for about a week. I've been on here for 15 years but it's getting like an echo chamber and same old faces. No surprise traffic is up on other platforms but down here. BTW he knows I am a teacher.
    Hello Ian,

    Hope all good and trust Martha did well in her exams. Lily got 3 Cs which I think deep down she is a bit disappointed with but she’s got into Bournemouth Uni as had an unconditional offer. We’re just relieved and delighted for her as it’s been a tough time last few weeks as she knew she hadn’t done as well as she’d hoped and it’s been playing on her mind.

    Really like the back 5 and Jensen, think Nørgaard will be important and just need the forwards to gel that should happen when Said is back.

    Take care mate

    Lily won't be needing you to find the clues! Well done to her for working so hard. You've always said that she gives it 100%. Fair play. I'm sure she'll do it.

    Martha played her last game for the bad 'uns a couple of weeks ago and scored a left-footer with her last ever touch (actually she may start the season with them in August)! She's going to Birmingham Uni in September to do French and Spanish. She chose the Uni because of the football. Connections with Birmingham and Villa (Uni coach is a/the Villa coach). She has an unconditional offer remarkably!! So she's in. Great if Lily plays again. Great social outlet at Uni as well.
    Lily is knee deep in books and folders and her As start next week the day after her 18th so all celebrations postponed until next month.

    No complaints as she’s worked hard enough and just hope she gets the results her efforts deserve, if yes she’s off to Bournemouth to do Criminal Sociology? ( not a clue)

    Hope you and family all well and Martha still enjoying her football, Lily assure me she wants to play again at Uni and is in the gym almost every day as finds it a welcome break from study.

    Keep in touch my friend

    Sean A

    Moses is a bit Billy big bolo, a very expensive reserve and who now wants big bucks as he’s proved his fitness.
    We’re not sure that he will remain injury free.

    We’re praying Neal stays and will offer an improved extension with get out option if we aren’t in the mix in Jan.

    Romaine in his last year and won’t stand in his way.
    After a big, commanding keeper and Daniels will be allowed to leave as he has a bad attitude and Thomas finds him rude.

    Also after two overseas players, one a Scandinavian international defensive midfielder, 6ft 2 and the other a highly rated, creative young German who seems to have lost his way but deemed a worthwhile risk.

    New Recruitment Director and replacement for Rob Rowan is starting next week, apparently hot shot from Bury.

    It’s all speculation but I get the impression anyone who wants Maupay, Konsa, Watkins or Said will be paying big bucks as we don’t have to sell.

    That’s it, not for public but from someone close to Phil

    Just for your eyes but mate received a text less than 30 minutes ago from Matthew that is in the paragraph below. Dean was way down Villa list and he had a release clause that we were happy to agree to so any compo is standard. He went for Derby and West Brom jobs so no big surprise.

    “We will look at any application and probably approach a few to gauge interest but Tomas is in a very strong position”

    Take care, trust job going ok ?

    Sean A
    Just seen a text from Matthew that says “ “Imagine Forss for Saturday, I’d like to see Jeanvier, Kamo and Said as well at Blackburn”
    I don’t know them them Ian. However my lifelong mates son is Joe Hicks who is Walton Casuals captain and who was captain of Corinthian Casuals before that so the play off was a very special game for him and the family.
    When the fans kicked off and started fighting the stewards were unable to stop the trouble. so Joe leapt into the crowd and appealed to them to stop and they did.
    He is now Lily’s hero and when they resumed the penalty shoot out Walton won

    The Khyber Pass is a great little Curry house and most home games we get a take away and talk football. Ali is Man Utd mad but always happy to talk football with Brentford Dave and Sean as he calls us.

    I was told by a reliable source that our highest earner was Bjelland and that we were prepared to make Judgey the highest paid last January but he opted not to sign.
    Trust all good mate, been a very good few weeks for football, Leeds, Derby and Rangers we were very, very good at times.
    Keep it to yourself but Derby are very keen on Woodsy, he's only just moved to a place Sutton but his dad reckons his agent (who Mick dislikes) is tenacious and now he knows they're interested will be touting him about abs if there's enough money offered we won't stand in a players way. Hope he stays.

    Sean A

    Not for sharing in public but hearing from a very good source we've agreed a fee and Hogan in talks re terms with Villa, only a last minute counter offer will see him go elsewhere.
    Also heard Canos lined up tomorrow and possibly one other forward.

    Hope Martha still starring for the Raras, Lily is just doing athletics this year while she has GCSEs and we'll see if she wants to play on a Sunday as well as the school next season.

    Not posting for Feb as it's far too negative at the moment and after falling out with Nana who runs the site I reflected that it's taking up too much of my time so I'll read but avoid replying.

    Take care

    Sean A

    Not for sharing just yet in public but heard from a very good source we've agreed fee with Villa, agent talking with them so unless a counter offer comes in Hogan is off.
    Think we should see Canos and possibly one more forward in tomorrow.
    I'm not posting for a month as too much negativity and will continue to read but thought you might want to know.

    Hope Martha is still starring for the Raras, Lily is having a break while GCSEs and just doing athletics this year.
    Take care

    Sean A
    Hey sorry about earlier heavywoollenbee. I'm not great with words, I didn't mean to attack your comment. Hope all is cool!
    ...........Good evening.My reply of 'tell me why' was to be a precursor to the reply of 'I don't like Mondays',which fitted in with Hullbees Sunday/Monday post.I wasn't prying or being nosey,sorry.Hope you have a better week.Sll the best Keith.

    Likewise, played in a really good spirit and QPR looked a class apart with four or five really good players. I sussed who your daughter was and meant to say well done before I left as she had a cracking game - very calm, composed, played with her head up and used the ball really well.
    Lily despite a thrashing enjoyed her first competitive game which is all that matters and was pleased as the Manager and coach awarded joint MOM to the keeper.
    Take care, good luck this season to Martha and I'll keep an eye out for you at GP

    Sean A
    07507 836280
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