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    Fans Back in Stadiums from Dec 2nd

    Stone me, some seriously polarised views on here. For what it's worth, if i can go, I will. As somebody above said, if we are "allowed" to go to work, then presumably if those same authorities say we can go to the footie too, then why not. I will take all the recommended precautions, and have...
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    Said Benrahma

    He would not have expected to be a regular starter like he was here, but you do just wonder if there is maybe just a tiny gnawing at the back of his mind, just wondering if he has made the right choice....?
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    Tribus TW8 Limited Edition Wristwatch

    On thinking about it, they have totally mis-judged their market. 2k for a watch??! You can buy a very effective timepiece for £1000. Sure, the case material can affect the cost - precious metal, jewels, etc - but a very decent movement can still be under a grand. And this one ain't no...
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    Tribus TW8 Limited Edition Wristwatch

    Spot on! When I saw the email come through earlier, I actually said to Mrs LDB, I know what you're getting me for Christmas, then I saw the price. And as another poster above said, it's doesn't even look that good. A bit of a disappointment all in all.
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    Halil Dervişoğlu - (June 2024 - Season Loan to FC Twente)

    Quality goals in that clip, but the best bit is listening to how his name should be pronounced! Try getting that into a song!!
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    Suggestion John Bostock (Unattached midfielder)

    Not for me. I remember him at that game up at MK. A bloody cold December afternoon, snow in the air, and brightened only by Charlie Mac's late goal. Bostock went awol for the entire game - not one for the hard graft.
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    The Griffin Park Grapevine - does exactly what is says on the tin!!
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    Final Score Bees 1 - 1 Swansea (Toney)

    That's a point won rather than two lost. We seemed to be chasing them all game, and i cannot for the life of me cannot see what they were doing better. Can somebody with a better grasp of tactics please explain?
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    Final Score Bees 1 - 1 Swansea (Toney)

    Very well organised. No wonder they thought they should have been in the p/o final last season, not us. But then again, we were significantly better at defending then, than now.
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    Match Latest Luton 0 - 3 Bees (Henry, Toney, Forss)

    It's a strong team anyway, and we have Jensen , Forss, Ghoddos and Fosu as options to come on! Eff me people, I doubt there is a club in the Championship who wouldn't give their right arm to have that team.
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    Expectations for Season 20/21

    When do we play them......
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    Said Benrahma

    Can you imagine how peed off they would be if they had paid the full £25m++ !!
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    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    They are both excellent, and quite different players. Olie is a rapier, and Ivan is a stonking great broadsword.
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    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    That is the genius approach of this club (dare i use the Moneyball word!). We don't buy players then try to shoehorn them into our way of playing, we look for players that already fit our way. Not point in buying Jota then asking him to be a hard-tackling midfielder. And yet so few clubs have...
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    iFollow Mutual Help Thread

    Well b*gg*r me - it just all suddenly works!! I've clearly no idea what I'm doing!!
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