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    Final Score Bees 2 - 1 Stoke (Janelt, Toney)

    Eff me. I am sending Thomas Frank the bill from my cardiologist. Right now my heart could power half of London.
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    Final Score Bees 3 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday (Mbeumo, Ghoddos, MBS)

    Point taken, but I was mainly comparing Reid's clearance headers with Dean's. Old Mr Fifty pence head was very good at those, although I agree Reid looks an overall better player.
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    Final Score Bees 3 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday (Mbeumo, Ghoddos, MBS)

    Winston Reid has blown away the cobwebs, well and truly. For me, he reminds me of Harlee at his best - wins absolutely everything in the air. And also his presence is letting Pinnock get more involved, rather than just hoofing it upfield. He - WR - could turn out to be a real gem. Cool...
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    Final Score Bees 3 - 0 Sheffield Wednesday (Mbeumo, Ghoddos, MBS)

    Bloody hell we're standing off them. Make a effing tackle for pete's sake.
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    6 days that finished our season....

    Wow! And I thought in was a pessimist!! To offer a balanced view, on the down side I remember all too clearly 92/93 when we swept all before us in the first half of the season, but then the oppo cottoned on to the fact that if they double-teamed on Bliss and kept Smilie and Ratcliffe at bay...
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    Final Score Coventry 2 - 0 Bees

    Poor management by TF and the coaches. It has been very apparent for the last few games that we are vulnerable to a high press. The p1ssing about at the back is worth it when teams stand off, but now they don't. The answer therefore is to change tactics and go long where necessary, but we...
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    Final Score QPR 2 - 1 Bees (Toney)

    It's peaks and troughs. We're not defending well and not looking as dangerous as we did, say, a month ago. We'll go on like this for a game or two yet, then we'll get our mojo back and pull away. It happens.
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    Brentford FC - iFollow

    OK - many thanks for the advice guys - all three who kindly answered. LDB.
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    Brentford FC - iFollow

    As an adult ST holder I of course get iFollow, but does my grandson who holds a junior ST on my account also get the free stream? I have looked, but have not found any references to this. Thanks guys.
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    NEWS Taking the Knee by Brentford Players to Stop.

    Don't patronise me chum. Unless of course the only opinions allowed are those shared by you.
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    NEWS Taking the Knee by Brentford Players to Stop.

    I think it's about Rodders having a right to his own opinion.
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    Message to all you Brentford fans from a Reading supporter

    Whilst I would not class myself as a 'loyal royal', I do live in the area and have done so for 30 years. And then the kids marry into local families and you end up with Reading supporting in-laws! Happy for Reading to do well, so long as they are just one spot below Brentford. And for what it...
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    Final Score Reading 1 - 3 Brentford (JDS(2), Toney)

    Pontus is such a captain. Out on the pitch and congratulating the whole team. Top, top player.
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    Christian Nørgaard - Signs to June 2024 (+1yr option)

    It's annoying to have Christian and Emiliano out, but when they, and Pontus, come back with a good few weeks rest behind them, at the sharp end of the season, and with maybe JDS, Janelt and Ghoddos running on fumes by that time, that might be the impetus we need to finish in the top two. Other...
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    Saman Ghoddos - Signs to June 2023 (+1yr option)

    Mrs LDB has asked me to try that..... :-)
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