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    Team vs Everton (H)

    still doesn’t fix it, means they have to all shift around to accommodate the two left footers. Plus cant say MBS coming straight in even though I think he needs to
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    Team vs Everton (H)

    zanka still being injured is a bloody pain, really messes up that back 5
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    Mavs or Rockets…..
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    January 2022 Window

    HB has just had his slate wiped clean with his confession on the club shop thread so you leave him alone !!!
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    Final Score Newcastle United 3 Brentford 3 (Toney, Henry, OG)

    Canos’s man for the third goal all day long, he switched off for a second and got punished
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    Derby County - Financial Problems

    answer to your last paragraph, The EPL
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    January 2022 Window

    so you like him then…..
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    January 2022 Window

    I wonder what our supercomputer tells us about Joel Piroe at Swansea, looks a very talented player every time I’ve seen him
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    January 2022 Window

    Just a right back / right wing back and another forward with pace is all we need
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    Newcastle United (A) Champagne Moment

    Right, 1) hey Jude being played pre match, what was that all about, very nice indeed 2) the well oiled gentleman to my left who was loving the Toney/Mbeumo new song, however didn’t know the words, so was just having a right old karaoke to ‘rocking all over the world’ every time it was belted...
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    Álvaro Fernández

    spot on, he has no real chance with the third
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    Griffin Park Programme Shop
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    Yoane Wissa

    well seeing as both Shandon and Mads Bech are in full training id take that as a load of old bollox
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    January 2022 Window

    if the loan window was open now I’d agree with you, but I think come January we could potentially have everyone back bar Raya meaning any purchases will be in line with our current process
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    Travel Leeds (A) Sun 5 Dec 14:00

    I have train tickets available for this one but must be 2 adults and 1 child (unless you want to risk it) Kings Cross 10.00 Leeds 13.17 Leeds 17.42 Kings Cross 20.50 PM if interested
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