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  • Hello Markybee, hope I have the right person. Do you sit in the New Road Stand, behind the dugouts with your Dad and daughter. If so I am the chap who lives in Eastbourne and sits behind you. If so let me know If it is you.

    Regards Kevin
    Wow!! That's a relief. I'm a member at Sweetwoods Park near East Grinstead, google it, it's quality. It's owned by Martin Long, the founder of Churchill Insurance. Martin sold Churchill to RBS a few years ago and is part of the consortium that bought out Jorden at Palace. To be fair he seems a good guy and is somewhat Benhamish in his support of his club. When I saw your post I put 2 and 2 together and typically came up with 5!
    Re the golf days, I tried to get a couple to come along (PUTZZBEE is a mate who was a member at S/Ws but has since gone to another club) but most of the swindle that I play with are prem supporters, that is to say they all subscribe to Sky, and cant be arsed with little old Brentford...t***s!!!
    I'll definitely try to get along to any future golf days, time and money permitting.
    Many thanks for your quick reply
    Hi , i hope its not bullshit but i have heard on sat, we have brought ( not loan ) ben hamer, and he arrives in jan, have you heard anything? god i hope its true lol
    Looking forward to the commentary today Mark, can't justify paying £35 again twice in a week, things are tough! - give the footie quiz a plug for me!
    wish i was there, friend i go with all season is in hospital,, and i couldnt stand sitting on the widow licker express for 10 hours, so ive had to miss out,,,, hope we get the result we need, have a great time mate!!!!!
    No probs Mark. Great day today , couldn't have gone better. Came home all sweetness and light to family too! Let's hope we all feel the same on Tuesday assuming the game is on.


    Thanks Mark. I know from experience things can go wrong but on this occasion, it seems almost impossible. Fingers crossed!
    Im listening to every game on world live. Have a one year subscription.
    Two of the SweBees will be there at the game on tuesday. Our club master Per Svensson and his daughter Josefin.
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