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    Saw you posted that trip advisor review on Rocks Star. Went there last summer for cheap 10 day all inc. Was ok but you'll get what you pay for and it was on a steep hill and beach was long way away. If you are considering it and have questions then ask away

    A few people question how ambitious Matthew is but he turned down a late bid for Hogan on deadline day that was £9M with big add ins and extended and improved Ryan's contract as 2 Championship clubs offering serious money. I think it may be too much to turn down if they come back in Jan but Woodsy is a good lad and not in a rush as just bought a house.
    Please don't share but trust me it's 100% fact,
    I'm good mates with Ryan's dad who didn't want him to leave yet and hates his agent for chasing the money but given he's a pub landlord all his life he understands why.
    Not to be made public but true, It was Sheff Weds and he failed a medical linked to his asthma and the outstanding investigation that only got revealed much later. Weds said they'd be back in the summer as knew it was an oversight but made the deal a no go at the time. Judge was gutted but I don't think his commitment was ever queried and at least he didn't sign a short term increased deal offered by us and said he'd keep his options open until after the season and the Euros.

    Sean A
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