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    Travel Leicester (A) MOVED to Sunday 7th Aug 14:00

    Not a clue if I can make it yet. If anyone is interested; it leaves St Pancras at 11ish and the return is the 19:15
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    Travel Leicester (A) MOVED to Sunday 7th Aug 14:00

    I've found a return fare on trainline for 20 quid with a railcard, but I'll wait to hear on these engineering works
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    Travel Wolfsburg (away) - 23/07/2022 16:00 (Local time)

    Flights aren't looking too bad right now price-wise, found some £50 return for Hamburg
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    2022/23 Premier League Fixtures Thur June 16th at 0900

    I'd love toon away to start the season
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    Brentford v Dirty Leeds predictions…

    I am sh*tting myself. Either we score early and win emphatically, or it's a cagey, close match that will be painful to watch for fans of both sides. Praying that we relegate them
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    Leeds party playlist

    Dont you know pump it up The bees are staying up On this note, I do hope that they don't go and smash up Kew Bridge after the game :oops:
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    Everton v Bees predictions….

    Tricky one here, they'll really bee (;)) up for it, hopefully we are too and from TF's press conference I have confidence. 2-2
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    Germany Preseason - Matches on: 16/07, 19/07, 23/07

    My hope wanes by the day for this happening :(
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    Teams that cannot finish above us 2021/2022 edition

    Leeds United. That completes the 3 😍
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    Goal of the Season - 21/22

    Wissa vs Villa and Eriksen vs Chelsea are two up there for me. A small project i've been working on throughout the season is my 'goals of the season', will probably be close to 15 mins when it's done!
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    A little less Hey Jude?

    I wish sometimes that we did 'celebration' in the place of HJ and left that one to before the games only. Keep ffd where it is. I'd mostly forgotten that we used to play celebration until I heard it on saturday walking out slightly later than normal
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    Brentford FC - Fight to Survive (trailer)

    Not my video, but came across it on YouTube. Nice short 'trailer' on our short stay so far in the league. Worth a watch! Brentford FC - Fight to Survive
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    Manchester United 3 Brentford 0

    Our bogey team seems to be set. Somewhat spineless with the 3 at the back, clearly haven't learnt from last time, especially when we don't have a fully fit back line. Eriksen class performance as per, some beautiful crosses. Overall can't be too upset, but I really hope that we haven't fallen...
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