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    General General Transfer Discussion

    It is odd that we've not seen any rumours, however, remember the Janelt and Goode signings came pretty much out of the blue and only came up as rumours on the day or day before we signed them. There's still a few days for something to happen..
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    General General Transfer Discussion

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    Team v Swansea

    Would suggest it's a far greater sin losing the ball on the edge of your own penalty area than halfway up the pitch. Even Frank mentioned it after the game which is rare. Trying to thread the ball through the eye of a needle is what Jensen is in the team for and I'd imagine he'd be encouraged to...
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    But the same applies to CB loans......... I was merely using LB as an example. We've got FOUR CBs. Unless Goode and Racic are out for a substantial time I can't see the point in loaning someone?
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    NEWS Brentford B v Wycombe W (A) Tues 26 Jan 1pm

    No mention of a stream for this which is a shame. Sounds like Wycombe are planning on playing a few trialists, wonder if we will too?
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    Marcus Forss - Signs to June 2026

    Really? Give him chances in and around the box and he'll put them away. Needs to work on his hold up play but then so did Ollie...
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    The reason we don't do loans is because we can't guarantee players game time. If say, we loan a LB, how many games are they likely to get? Very few. We're in a promotion battle. Are we going to drop Henry for a few games and give an untried PL youngster a few games to learn the ropes? No we're...
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    I don't think moving Dalsgaard will make us weaker. I'd imagine Roerslev will get a fair few games at RB anyway and could make us stronger going forward, and everyone's talked about Dalsgaard moving inside as he gets older. It's all guesswork at the moment as we've no idea of the extent of...
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    CB is Goode and Racic, I'm assuming their injuries aren't anything serious otherwise we'd have brought someone in. Dalsgaard can cover there in an emergency as can Norgaard when fit. LB I'm guessing Roerslev...
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    Honestly, I think we could def do with a couple of players to improve the squad but are they out there and are they available? I'd far rather we give time to one of our very talented B teamers than take on a PL youngster on loan with all the cost and potential attitude issues that come with it...
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    Aaron Pressley - Brentford B - Signs to June 202?

    I think it was more a case of ‘we’re not likely to score 2 and we don’t want extra time, so let’s give the kids some valuable experience’..
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    Gustav Mogensen - Brentford B - Signs to 2022 (+1 year option)

    brilliant! Maybe another reason why we were happy for Dervisoglu to go out on loan?
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    we have got cover, just maybe not at the level you desire.. whether that level is available currently at the right price is a pertinent question...
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    Suggestion Daniel Amartey (Leicester Centre back)

    Guess it depends on what’s wrong with Goode? He’s hardly been available this season, we need to know we can rely on him otherwise we’ll have to look elsewhere
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    Fredrik Hammar - Brentford B - Leaves for Akropolis IF

    Not entirely surprised. Has been a useful utility player but never really held down a position.
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