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    Just one old bee for the play offs

    I think we're just missing that creative spark/bit of magic so would agree with Les and go for Said..
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    Joel Valencia - (June 2023) Season loan to Legia Warsaw

    So Joel is under contract with us until 2023... Quite surprised at how long that contract was given it seemed a bit of a punt in the first place. He's hardly played for Legia this season, he's another we're going to struggle to move on in the summer. Do we give him another shot?
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    Unsurprisingly there's now a load of QPR fans on twitter banging on about Sergi 'hating the English'. Well done QPR!
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    B team fixtures

    Next one up is v Eastleigh on Monday at 1pm. I guess if Rico doesn't appear on Sat we may see him get a few minutes in this one?
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    No, smacks of a line agreed between the two QPR players to try and get him off the hook...
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    Chaos at Swindon Town FC - Football AND Finance

    Seen a few tweets from Swindon fans recently saying that they can't believe the state they're in, citing us an example of where they should be, saying they're a much bigger club than us... oh well.... 👋
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

    indeed.. Particularly when we've just had a social media blackout in protest at abusive messages online. I would suggest Sergi shut down his twitter feed for a bit....
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    Henrik Dalsgaard - Signs to June 2021

    Sad as it is, we've got to bring the younger players through and we have two fantastic prospects at RB in Roerslev and Stevens.
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    Todd Kane of QPR - 7 Match Ban

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    Rico Henry - Signs to June 2023

    We certainly need to find a way of keeping Canos in the side if he does come in. Sergi's drive has been key to our attacking play in recent games.
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    Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday

    It's one of those double edged swords this one. Ideally both of them go down. Classic examples of 'big' clubs who've been totally mismanaged and with a completely deluded fan base.. If I have to choose though it'd be Derby for me, the whole stadium sale and Rooney 'sponsorship' deal stank to...
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    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    There's a lot to be said for momentum, plus we've only been playing this formation for a short while and the play off games are going to be a really big test of it whoever we play.
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    Henrik Dalsgaard - Signs to June 2021

    Henrik has been an excellent player for us. Must admit when he first joined I thought he was a step down from Colin but he's got better and better despite his age. Last couple of years he's been one of our best and most consistent players and also one of the few leaders in the group.
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    Team V Bristol City

    Personally I think that's what we need in that role though, it can be much more like a no.10 in this system. Canos would play much closer to the front two where we want to be playing quick passes and flicks and committing players. Fosu for me in this role is too deep, more of an 8, plays some...
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