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    The 2011 New Manager Thread

    Dave Jones!! Has done very well at Cardiff and to be fair it was harsh for them to sack him!!
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    JPT Final - Countdown

    Looking forward to an 8am start in the Green Man on Sunday!!! You Reds!!!!!!
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    JPT Final Ticket Arrangements (pay on the day at Wembley)

    Have people decided what price seats they are buying yet? What is the best value for money?
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    Second Leg of the JPT Semi Date Changed and now on Sky

    Any idea of the best pubs to drink?? Heard that the victoria inn is pretty good? Suggestions welcome...
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    New Manager Poll

    Come on Mad Dog!! Great News if true!!
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    Scott and Bullivant Leave, Forster in as Caretaker (Now Confirmed by BFC)

    What about Rod Stringer. Doing an a amazing job at Braintree Town.
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    Daggers away 1st feb

    Pubs Leaving in ten minutes!! Hopefully see you all around the lovely pubs of dagenham!!
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    Daggers away 1st feb

    Any good pubs near the ground?? Finishing early and heading down to the game straight from work! Suggestions welcome..
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    Who would you like to see the club sign

    Benyon of Torquay???
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    Who would you like to see the club sign

    I do not believe we will sign any one today. If we do it maybe just a loanee keeper?? I have a bad feeling about this season ending with us playing Morceambe and Lincoln again next season!
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    Who is going v Yeovil this weekend?

    When following Brentford we should follow them through thick and thin!! Even when results aren't going our way!! We should all realise that in order for this club to go forward it needs the fans backing! If you were a real fan then stop all this moaning and get on with supporting the club that...
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    Who would you like to see the club sign

    Michael Chennels!!!
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    Brentford v Exeter - JPT Southern Section Final

    Has the away leg date been confirmed yet as train tickets are going up!!
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