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  • Rangers game is lunchtime 10th December I am in Munich till last thing Monday night. I know Kev O’Connor is going I’ m sure you’ll enjoy Glasgow on winter Tuesday afternoon enjoy if you travel.
    Thanks mate for the offer. It looks like my youngest one is staying at home by order of his mum and I guess she is right.
    A Monday night in Shepherds Bush is no place for a 5 year old apparently.
    Me and my lad have enough points to sort tickets out tomorrow.
    Thanks again and take care.
    Thanks for putting me on Cherry. Had a cracking day there yesterday. Apparently the match yesterday on old & top was won with 194lb from Top.
    Sorry, I meant I had 2 spaces left in the car for Sheffield. Yourself and your mate that you mentioned. Gonna be a squeeze, but we can bore them senseless about fishing............. :)
    Hi Brian, Have you ever fished Decoy lakes near Peterborough. A work colleague of mine has a fishing day booked there with Bob Nudd as a birthday present. My mates daughter apparently knows his missus or something like that. Anyway I've been asked if I'd like to come along for the day, which I'm considering. Cheers

    Don't removed a Keeper, unless you are referring to the Terrace Gardens immediately upstream.
    Sorry just switched from mobile view and saw had a message.
    I used to fish the Pigeons circa 72-77 and a little bit later .
    Great Roach fishing, had some great sport with decent Roach on hemp and tares, especially summers of 75 and 76.
    It seemed that come 77 they had all but dissappeared and all we would catch were Dace.
    I understand the Roach have made something of a comeback.
    There used to be the very occasional Carp too, but nothing like these days.
    Barbel and todays monster Perch weren't around back then either.
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