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    London Irish RFC and the Brentford Community Stadium

    How did the pitch look after the game
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    iFollow refunds

    Has anybody received refunds from I follow yet
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    “Push up Brentford” - The Movie

    Delia Smith and the rest of the smug crass mod selection including the fat controller you had the contempt to call me mad **** you snidey Can BT’s bye
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    “Push up Brentford” - The Movie

    Another glorious statement from postman pat
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    “Push up Brentford” - The Movie

    Great video but shame on the makers to use it a s a platform for supposed racial tones .you of all people mr grant showing total disrespect to mr push up and bfc .i personally know of a few fans who didn’t have any problems
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    Club Statement on Racist Video

    Nice to see your on the ball banana haven’t posted anymore ,as the mods keep threatening to delete my post as some of them keep throwing there toys out of the pram . So is this new site a forum or dictatorship just asking coyr
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    Club Statement on Racist Video

    Remember all your anti club comments after you left though t a lot were well off the mark
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    Club Statement on Racist Video

    Nick some short. Sighted people on this thread who have done far worse than use a descriptive. Word .they are still allowed through the gates peados ,sex pests ,and bullies towards. female staff, also charity. Thieves yes the individual was wrong but all the above offences are far worse
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    Club Statement on Racist Video

    Bit like you ever working for bfc again
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    STAND UP if you remember Jill Dawson...

    Pruned her bushes for her and her mum made some tea and cakes what more could a tradesman want good luck jill
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    Final Score Bees 2 - 4 Preston (Toney (2))

    Poor in midfield once Norgard went off canes Jensen marcondes no bite
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    New Road: How has it Changed?

    Well said west wilts also at that time I lost faith in Martin Lange
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    Paul Shrubb - Brentford FC - RIP

    Rest in peace paul part of a good team
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    John Griffin - Scout at BFC - RIP

    R I P mr John Griffin you sir did a great job for B F C finding raw talent I doff my hat sir
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    Any Sydney (or Australia) based Bees fan ...

    The Pompey bell ringer in midhurst might have a copy
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