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    Who's going to Leeds?

    well said mate .no we havent played them for 50 years . they havent played us for 50 years . get what im saying . in my eyes we are the top dogs
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    So what happened in the Paddock v Charlton?

    why is it that the stewards always look at the bees fans . if you reply to a bit of banter from the away fans you are warned you will be leaving the ground next time . i sit in the corner of the new rd by the away end and we were being watched the hole time .there was one steward watching...
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    How far have you travelled for the leeds match

    live in north devon . season ticket holder .4oo miles round trip but well worth it . love the bees .bees and proud
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    Brentford v Leeds United (0-0) Reports and Reactions

    a good point . hunt outstanding .4 leeds tw-ts in new rd giving it the biggun . what a day
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    Bees V Leeds Predictions

    what ever the score is lets hope the bees do us proud
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    Ticketing for Leeds at GP

    there will be at least 1000 leeds fans in the brentford stands
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    Bees v Gateshead Replay Predictions

    maybe in the good old days when we could score
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    John Bostock

    didnt you see evans, hurlock , roberts ,taylor . blissett . to many to mention . i might agree with you if he does at least 6 months with us
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    Former Goalkeepers

    oli gott was a good keeper for us
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    If Andy Scott wasn't our manager, who would you like?

    whats bill dogin doing these days ?
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    The Goalkeeping Situation

    i agree .i think we have released better keepers over the years
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    The Andy Scott Thread

    that yesterday was 2nd worst ive seen in 36 years of home and away games . yeovil away this season was the worst . some thing has to change if not we are going down . this league is to strong to be playing cr-p
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    Gateshead FA Cup good price via Doncaster

    how did you get them for that price . did you get them on the internet . if so what web site
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    For anyone not going to Exeter

    9 of us getting the 10.43 out of barnstaple
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