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    Too Many Away Fans in Home GA Areas (split thread)

    Mini verbals in the legends lounge as predicted…. Bees fans telling security to do their job and not expect bees fans to do it for them… saw the Wolves fans being spoken to on the stairwell by Brentford employees
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    Shandon Baptiste

    A really good interview with Shandon, lots of Brentford references and lots of positives about the club and fans.
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    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    For the sake of @Edmundo 's sanity here a link to the Norwich forums where they have their say about the match vs Villa: Brentford vs Aston Villa
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    Chelsea fans are a ***** disgrace.

    You'll need to elaborate... I saw a couple of ambulances going down Ealing road a good half hour after the final whistle - not sure if that is related to anything...
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    Nico Yennaris (Beijing Sinobo Guoan FC)

    Ben Turner - gives some insight into what happened at the FA hearing he had for racially abusing Nico. 1:32:00 is when he talks about the incident and the subsequent hearing etc
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    Ticket Exchange Newcastle (A) Spares/Wants

    Update: Newcastle ticket office phoned up Brentford all confirmed and ticket re-printed. Crisis averted 👍
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    Ticket Exchange Newcastle (A) Spares/Wants

    So… just had a call from my mate who’s about an hour away from Newcastle but left his tickets at home. Any ideas on what to do? His name is on the ticket can he go to the Newcastle ticket office and ask/beg/pay for a re-print??
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    Yoane Wissa

    As Brighton bee posted, the wedding was a couple of weeks back. He’s just sharing more photos today.
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    South Asian - Indian heritage players.

    Danny Batth (Wolves/Stoke) is mixed heritage (Punjabi)
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    Attack after football

    That lanyard looks like it could be for the "Fortress" if it's blue with yellow writing or if it's black it's a guest in the Dugout.. Either way the police should contact the club and should have cctv of people coming in to collect their guest lanyards, Entrance C I think Again all of the...
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    Disposable income plus comfort eating after our result
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    Stayed in the Dugout to watch the Utd/Liverpool games and have had about 3 portions for our group , well worth it!
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    The Sale of Newcastle United

    Clarification on what people can wear:
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