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  • Hey Nick, I'm still around! Was there yesterday too. We gotta sort that defence out.

    Sadly missing the quiz on the 15th and hope it goes as smoothly as usual.
    hi mate, not alot we can do, stitch up, still Kingfisher is the way forward. I might try and door step him sometime to annoy him - see you vs Bristol next week?
    Isn't The Crown a bit of a dive?? And where's my goody bag of Bees merchandise.......Hope you're having a great break. Jane x
    Indeed Nicholas. I shall verily be partaking in a coca cola of the diet variety before this evenings sporting entertainment.
    Hi Nick, Its Chris from reading. You know my face, you may also recall the interview you did with a certain Mr Rapley where I was in attendance in a pub just outside reading. Having read the post about Melissa, I feel I have to offer some money to her fund. I was also hit with bad news on Monday of last week where my long term girlfriend was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I stated on here that I would post a cheque, but as I hope to be in attendance on Saturday, I would like to give you the money personally.
    Thanks, Chris Gilbert.

    Can you put me down for a team at the Quiz night called

    I'll fit in with you mate, whenever... I normally leave mine at about 1.30pm so I can have a beer... Big Jock Knew....
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