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  • Nick,

    Got various drunken rant PMs calling me a bullying c**t by Nana on Saturday night because I told him to stop using any excuse to go after Mark Devlin and publicly whip up bad feeling.
    Got up yesterday realised I was the sad one getting annoyed so decided to just read and not post for February.
    Not got the hump or sulking but slightly annoyed that the owner of the website has been a bit underhand and selects to post snidey digs but fails to mention he's the one sending nasty pms.
    I don't dislike Trevor but in drink he's sad and offensive and better I don't reply and get into an even more public slanging match.
    Keep the positivity going mate

    Sean A
    I will be in manchester for Rochdale next week what time you getting to manchester piccadily are you drinking near the station or Victoria station that goes to Rochdale
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