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    Post Match Thread Wycombe 0-0 Brentford

    There seems to be little spirit within the squad and the management of the club seems to focus on being a bigger club in a lager new stadium and social messages more than the style of football . The players are good enough but they are surely not getting right guidance
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    Nico Yennaris

    Changed his name to Li Ke which probably means I used to play for Arsenal
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    Ealing Rd Momento

    I think that bra belongs to Neil Wornock
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    Peter Gilham 50 years not out.

    PG is an institution and deserves respect- if he was no longer up for it he would fall on his sword without the need for your suggestion
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    Hey Jude Pre-match

    Others with far better memories that me well confirm when and maybe why Hey Jude became our song. I started going to the Royal Oak way back and this song joined me some years later but I can assure you it didn’t commence recently
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    The Former Grounds of Brentford FC

    Most enjoyable and good to hear Hey Jude at the end which I am reading suggestions we should abandon
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    Hey Jude Pre-match

    Hey Jude is our song and tradition should be respected. I believe in many ways a lot of fans , myself included , didn’t want to leave GP but we understand the need for changing our stadium and that the new one can’t be our own ground with signs and seats that show our colours , we also...
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    Luka Racic - Signs to June 2023 - On loan to Northampton Town

    Poor performance as Cobblers crash out of the FA cup to non league Oxford
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    Ollie Watkins

    😊 I might be willing to spend that much . Even is she went on here she won’t know what triggers extra payments on our transfer
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    Ollie Watkins

    I was listening to Villa game whilst driving with my wife in car. She doesn’t follow football at all and wondered why when they got the penalty I shouted not Watkins and then when he scored it I said well done Oli. I tried to explain and even got into well Brentford could get add on’s if he...
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    VOTE NOW! Season Ticket Options - Which option did you select?

    Sorry but i don’t understand why if we have been given , probably , the best offer of any professional club do we need to vote on it. Of course I emphasise we people forced who , like me , have lost their job due to the virus and need the immediate cash but otherwise only a fool would push back...
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    GONE Said Benrahma

    He’s a good player but why would you do this and upset the squad ? Do you not think that our improve has been built around a culture where players sign for Bees knowing that our coaching with improve them and the cup will renegotiate a new contract with them or sell them when it’s valuation...
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    Final Score WBA 2 Brentford 2 Marcondes, Forss (p) Bees win 5-4 on penalties

    So you think watching on ifollow is as good as being at match - interesting
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    Final Score WBA 2 Brentford 2 Marcondes, Forss (p) Bees win 5-4 on penalties

    Why would anyone pay £10 to watch on I follow when it would usually cost £5 to go match for such a match .
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