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    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    Interesting article
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    Emiliano Marcondes

    In this woke world we live in if you don’t think before sending a message to the world you fall in that category. Brentford paid him well and help him develop and he chooses to have a dig when we wished him well for the future on the clubs website
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    Emiliano Marcondes

    I wanted him to stay but this seems to indicate he is a dick head so I am glad he is no longer with us
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    Rasmus Ankersen - Director of Football

    After listening to Micah it is obvious he clearly doesn’t like Thomas as he know he would never be allowed near a Brentford dressing room
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Are we planning to having a diving team ?
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    Emiliano Marcondes - Released

    We should give him another contract and if it doesn’t work out he can be sold
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    What’s Next/Ambitions

    Not sure that the B team strategy will work. The leap for the players to the Premiership from playing their current opponents may be to much. I am confident our management will be aware of this and have a plan already.
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    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    Details on website now
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    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    what time is the ticketing arrangements being announced?
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    MotM MoM v Bournemouth (home) Play-off semi-final 2nd leg 22/5/21

    That’s weird they gave Forrs highest player rating. I voted Bryan but thought could be one of many including Dalsgard , Marcondes and Jenson ( who I not a fan of but would be if we saw more performances like yesterday
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    Bees v Bmuff 2nd leg predictions....

    We have players coming into our starting line up which strengthens our side and they have injuries to key men plus Bees fans in stadium . I am confident we can reach Wembley and win there as well.
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    Christian Nørgaard - Signs to June 2024 (+1yr option)

    He performs well either at the back or in midfield. Other players need to cover him in defence when he pushes forward. Pontus should be controlling who stays in defence so we are not exposed but he is not
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    Pontus Jansson - Signs to June 2022 (+1yr option)

    Shouldn’t not start on Saturday
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    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    I dont agree - he has a knock which he took a while to recover but then he was up and down the pitch unfortunately with his best results coming in our box rather than theirs
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