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  • Hi NB, just booked on coach 6 but was wondering if I could get on at the Northampton stop as a bit easier than going into Brentford. 2 of us Richard Cox and Claire Walker. Also what is parking like round there and expected pick up time. Cheers Richard
    Well said Matt. I was very surprised by your “pathetic “ comment and was going to take you to task at GP Saturday. Good lad. Up the Bees
    Hi Matt Happy New Year to you. For the record Dave Clement died by drinking weedkiller.

    Hi mate, Rich "Brixworth Bee" here. My email is 07773777430. Let us know if you training Northampton to an away game. I'm a bit limited on bees games for a bit though till I find a job up here as currently staying in London in the week plus two littleuns. Next game the Toon though. A couple of us a driving up. See you up there. U bees
    Dont know if you have heard mate, but got some very very bad news today,, TONY ROSS (mr angry) died today .. heart attack :(
    I'm thinking of doing some shirts for Wembley as we have an embroidery machine in the shop. Any ideas? We will probably use the castle badge but I'm not sure what to ut around it.
    Hi NB. Chorleybee has a birthday coming up soon and as a surprise his daughter would love to organise a (signed perhaps?) copy of the book. So as not to spoil the surprise for CB could I ask you to liase with my daughter (Abbi Hilton) at to sort it out?

    Many thanks in anticipation,

    Dave Seddon (Chorleybee)
    Hi Matt,

    i will be at the Exeter away game if your about? i would love an MA signed copy if there are any left?


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