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  • Hi Paul, sorry to trouble you.
    I noticed your post re “bagging and tagging” Cortina and Capri parts.
    Total shot in the dark, my son is a top top top(to coin a phrase) panel beater and is currently restoring a rare MK 2 lotus Cortina. He was broken into some time ago and not only did the low life steal tools, also took a number of hard to get parts that probably got thrown away or sold for scrap.
    I was wondering if by “bagging and tagging” you mean you’re preparing to sell some parts that might be of use to James in his restoration project, if this is the case he(we) would be very interested in purchasing them from you should any be of use to him.
    As I said, this is a complete shot in the dark and sincere apologies for troubling you at this difficult time.
    Hope to be back at GP soon for one last look, til then stay safe and kind regards.

    Gray (snorbee)
    Hello mate. Sean just emailed to say the DVD's for the Stan Bowles game are ready. How do I get my hands on one? Cheers
    If you are short of any players tomorrow I could come down and play can send over the fees. If not best of luck to the team
    Hi Paul, I'm a qualified ref for the Berks & Bucks FA and keen to be the 2nd Lino for the stan Bowles testimonial if you are still looking for another ! Cheers, Harry
    Hello Paul. Well done for sorting out the Bees v QPR quiz for Stan Bowles on Tuesday 9th May. I would like to enter a team of Brentford fans. We used to enter all the Thorne in the Side quiz nights. Hoping for three points tomorrow and then a quiz win on 9th May! Please be in touch if you need any more details. Cheers, Tom.
    Hiya Paul!

    Vis-a-vis the Stan Bowles testimonial, I've spoken with my 2 friends and unfortunately they've said they're not able to commit just yet, so possibly best to leave them out for now. Sorry about that.

    I'm still keen as ever though! For what it's worth, I'm 26, been playing casually for about 6 years or so now but only at quite a low level (my fitness is pretty decent though). I consider myself a bit of a utility player, happy to play CB, RB, CDM or CM!
    Hi paul

    Great idea. My mother has Alzhiemers and it's a great cause. I'd love to play/ help if space.

    Hi Paul, forgot to PM you last night re the King Kev testimonial programme. Would love one if still available. Probably way to late for signed one, but just happy to get one if possible. Enjoy the game today. Unfortunately never got a ticket. Cheers Barry
    PAUL BOTTLES BEHIND THE JUMP IN THE GRIFFIN happy ham egg and chips lol didn't think a vw that old had a loom lol
    Hi Paul hope the Bees get 3 points today my email address is nannyshelley@hotmail.co.uk Hope you have a good day and thank you once again for all the hard work you are doing for Connor x
    paul bfc phoned today to allow us to collect again saturday this is short notice but we will attend with as many we can raise to collect saturday if you know any trustworthy friends that would shake a bucket please ring me ? ps connor wants to come sat for half time. arranging with p gilham at the moment ?? if he is well enough ????
    Hi mate , i have won the Chronicle competition for tonights charity thing

    3 course a la carte meal for one at San Marcos
    Champagne reception
    Marcus gayle there
    Match ticket etc
    Its for one but if you take a guest its a reduced price of 45 for them
    Would like to offer this prize to you mate as you have been so good to me. I am finishing at one today so if you want to go let me know and i will ring the fella and change it to your name.

    07796 596821 if you see this after one

    Yo Bruv - should you not be on your way to airport. ?. Kiwi phoned today about the other 2 tickets he needed which he thinks you have put aside. Need to discuss with him about hand over, where and when as they are the other side of GP if you are thinking of full engliah in Wrausbury. Safe trip back and Sue will await your call. I should be back just after lunchtime myself.
    See you tomorrow Bro
    Yo Fishing Bee - Did not like the look of the weather this morning so went boat hunmting instead.

    Use PM rather than Visitor Messages.


    Good Evening,
    Just wondering how thr golf went today - plus of course a test to see I am compiling message correctly.
    Speal soon.
    morning Paul...you still on the mend? That M25 to M4 slip road is going to be murder from now on, last night they cut it down to one lane!
    Hi Paul - Hows it going....?

    We are taking you to Port Vale on 15th November with bro (Mark)...have sorted it with him.

    Have a rotten cold at the mo and now missing Chester :cry:...
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