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    Travel Leicester (A) MOVED to Sunday 7th Aug 14:00

    Oh do me a favour, it's started already and it's not even started/
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    Travel Leicester (A) MOVED to Sunday 7th Aug 14:00

    2 returns for £30 a piece
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    "Find out why you are in the Top x%" email from club

    Flipping heck, apparently I drank 331,132 pints!? No wonder so much of the season is a blur...hic
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    2022/23 Premier League Fixtures Thur June 16th at 0900

    Like opening your Christmas present all excited and your mum has bought you a pair of socks......
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    Official Cryptocurrency Partner

    Thanks I couldn't see that anywhere
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    Official Cryptocurrency Partner

    There's also a real life problem here - you are asked to enter your email address to be entered to win but there is absolutely no information given about what happens to your email as a result - this is not GDPR compliant in any way shape or form, aside from the simple fact that this partnership...
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    Who went to all the PL games then?

    Oh yeh, it was Kings X wasn't it?
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    Who went to all the PL games then?

    Yes we were. Tried to get any kind of straight answer at Euston was a joke - at one point, the bloke was saying to us to get on another train to somewhere like Rotherham and then change onto the cancelled train from there? When I pointed out the train he was telling us to change onto was our...
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    Who went to all the PL games then?

    Managed 33 league games, with Leeds away being an annoyance as our trains were cancelled whereas others missed were due to family generally.
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    BBC sport quiz Brentfords season

    6/10 here, I hate quizzes
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    Leeds (H) - Special Security Arrangements

    Apparently there was a big punch-up in the upstairs concourse of the West Stand by the food stand at full time - bloke behind us had nipped down for a piss and came back saying the food staff had come out to try and break things up so would imagine this might not have been the full-on fighting...
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    Brentford 1 (Canos) Leeds United 2 Att 16,957

    Well yes, of all the games to pick to bring young kids to for the first time, Leeds probably isn't the one I would have chosen.
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    Brentford 1 (Canos) Leeds United 2 Att 16,957

    No real surprise that a team with nothing to play for effectively, other than a slightly higher league placing lost to a team that was fighting for PL survival. Tierney was dreadful which was annoying and Sergi was a complete doofus which was a shame. But find it bizarre how extreme some...
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    Make the area/pubs surrounding the BCS feel a bit more like home

    away fans take over every pub now it seems... lolz...
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    Leeds (H): Biggest Police Operation & Dispersal Area

    Overheard some Leeds coppers talking to other people on our disrupted train back from Newcastle earlier this season, as they were playing Spurs that afternoon I think it was. They basically travel down mob handed before awaiting for the arrival of the Leeds fans at the station to take them back...
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