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    Wladimir Klitschko v David Haye

    There's a sign outside The Globe saying it's on! That's where I'm heading!
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    BIAS Boat to Orient - Friday September 24th

    Can I just mention that there's a beer festival going on almost directly opposite Putney Pier at the Bricklayer's Arms if any Bees fancy a few early ones! It's on Waterman Street.
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    Peel Park Hotel - scarf

    Too easy! It's not your normal Brentford scarf. You'll have to do better than that!
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    Peel Park Hotel - scarf

    After such a nice experience first time round, I went back to the Peel Park Hotel before last night's match. When I got there, one of the bar staff remembered us from last time and brought a Bees scarf out from behind the bar! Someone left it there last time! If the person that lost it wants it...
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    Ground share with Rugby Union?

    Sorry Tim, the Athletic Ground has 1 stand holding about 300 people! When Richmond were in the Prem then they put up temporary stands, and they may have held some U21 and A internationals there in the past. It most definitely did not host 5 Nations games in the 90s!
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