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    The 2021 GPG Supercomputer (after Stoke(H))

    I think you're missing one itsy-bitsy scenario there.
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    IMPORTANT Brian Riemer Interview

    As painful as it was for all of you who witnessed it in the flesh, we lost to Donny and Yeovil for a reason. We went up much better prepared a year later. I have to believe that the defeat to Fulham was also part of the greater scheme. It's what keeps me vaguely sane.
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    Championship Round 33 (Fri 23/2 - Sun 25/2)

    Credit where it's due, it was very responsible of Solanke to wear a face mask to the mêlée down in Bournemouth.
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    Saïd Benrahma

    Third language (or maybe more) in his case. French is his second language.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    I like the way his desire to see traditional northern clubs in the PL doesn't extend to Sunderland.
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    Watching from Home

    As @Nada Bee mentioned elsewhere, Dasilva's second at Reading was very reminiscent of Jason Price's goal at the same end, albeit a mirror image. (Ironically/coincidentally, it was Stephen Hunt who set that one up for us.) Both goals were really important, as they put us 2-1 up after being a...
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    Highest League Position Since...

    Got it. On March 8th 1947 we were 20th in Division 1, never been top 20 since then.
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    NFL Playoff Challenge 2021

    The H does just enough to pip me by 5 points. The difference was H's 8 points from Clyde Edwards-Helaire, while Darrell Williams only scored me 3 points even with a 3x bonus.
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    NFL season 20/21

    Loved it! Favourites getting well beaten. A top, top defensive performance to stop one of the most explosive offenses ever. And Brady and Gronk are responsible for many of my 🍾 moments over the years. 🤭 Still think Devin White should've been MVP though, as it was the defence that really shone.
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    Super Bowl LV prediction game

    Oh, dear. MVP is decided by a public vote. How long has that been going on for? That's just a popularity contest. I though Devin White deserved it. I mean, how often are Kansas City held to under 10 points?
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    Super Bowl LV prediction game

    I declare Sting in the Tail ($20) this year's champion, with the correct answers to questions 1, 4 and 7. Jam Jar ($16) and SC ($14) fill out the podium, while me and Smiffy won naff all.
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    Super Bowl LV prediction game

    14 players had a reception. That's $8 for SC. Nobody got a player with 1 reception. Who woulda thunk Mike Evans? The longest TD was Fournette's 27yd rush. Nobody got that, we all imagined a Tyreek Hill bomb or sumthing. And nobody got a player with an interception. Well, Mathieu had one but it...
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    Super Bowl LV prediction game

    Worst. Streaker. Ever.
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    Super Bowl LV prediction game

    Tyreek Hill hasn't been shaking his booty.
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    Super Bowl LV prediction game

    Are Kansas City deliberately self-destructing as a betting scam? At half time, Sting in the Tail leads with $20, Jam Jar has $16 and SC has $6. Me and Smiffy have zip, sweet FA, bugger all. Banana's all-or-nothing selection of zero TDs didn't pay off.
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