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    Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday Prediction Thread

    Actually had a browse through various odds for us. We're still 2nd favourite for top 2. Bees 1/1 Swansea 6/4 Watford 9/4 Think it was 5/1 for the title and 1/100 to finish top six :eek:
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    Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday Prediction Thread

    Not according to Skybet - Bees 8/13 Draw 11/4 Weds 9/2 :wave:
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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    Did wonder why we'd show our hand to the opposition. Maybe half of it's BS and we're in for a pleasant surprise or two :idea:
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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    If we start all the regular names they will likely be burnt out for the Stoke game which looks the tougher of the 2 games. Tomorrow I'd give Pressley a go and why not see what Bidstrup can do. He's highly rated I thought?
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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    I'd agree with that. Against Stoke we'll need our most robust side IMHO. Think both games we will face a parked bus and both opponents would be delighted with a 0-0. Hopefully we can overcome these challenges and then on to Norwich, which should be a decent spectacle
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    Thomas Frank - Signs to June 2023

    Agree with that. He looked rusty on Sat, as did Forss. It's a tricky situation. Several regulars look jaded. A case could be made for giving starts to the likes of Bidstrup, Zamburek and maybe Gilbert on Weds. Tired, experienced players or rusty inexperienced ones? I'd favour fresh legs with an...
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    Team vs Sheffield Wednesday

    Forss was poor yesterday but I reckon he was rusty. Not played much lately and normally his movement is much better. I'd definitely stick with him. Given chances he'll bang them in. In midfield I'd be inclined to give Bidstrup a start alongside Janelt to hopefully add a bit of bite in midfield
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    Final Score QPR 2 - 1 Bees (Toney)

    I'd love to see us play Janelt & Norgaard together. Definitely both be in my first X1
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    Poor punditry /'expert' opinion comments

    Yep, unbelievable Jeff. Harry Redknapp was going on about Palace having 13 players out of contract at the end of the season but had no idea who the 13 were!! It's a good watch but would be better if the pundits spent five minutes on google before the show, hardly rocket science
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    ‘Boro v Bees predictions...

    Boro have lost their last 3 home games. It's rare for anyone to lose 4 homes on the trot so I'm going for a 1-1 draw, law of averages and all that...
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    General Overall Satisfaction With January Window

    One was a forward from Derby. If he's behind Waghorn in the pecking order I doubt we should be too worried
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    General Overall Satisfaction With January Window

    Exactly. It would have pointless if we'd splashed out a big fee (& salary to match) for someone to get splinters. We have the best LB in the division, one of the first names on the team sheet. We can cover the position in an emergency but IMO it would've been a waste of cash to splash out on...
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    General Billy Gilmour

    SSN says Gilmour staying put
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    Stuart Dallas

    Wonder what Dallas' market value is these days if he was to move on? We have so many "live" sell ons, his must be one of the bigger ones given he went for a relatively small fee at the time
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    General General Transfer Discussion

    Henrik would be more comfortable there if needed IMHO. If we don't manage to get a couple more bodies in it's not ideal but not the end of the world. Roerslev can cover both FB positions, Janelt apparently can cover LB too. We're not as desperate for bodies as some think in my eyes, it's a case...
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