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    The Official How Will Brentford Stay Up This Season Thread…

    We have just played 4 games in 11 days, 2 against the biggest 2 clubs in England, and still have a gap from the bottom 3.or 4. We now have 2 weeks before the next EPL game and just need to tighten up the defence again like we did at the start of the season. We still have a lot of tough matches...
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    Matthew Cox (Brentford B)

    If he does play who is the next in line to be on the bench, Shepherd or Winterbottom?
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    NEWS New Jersey Road Development

    If the academy re-opens can I have my old scouting job back?
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    General January 2022 Window

    I think Sorensen is out for the season with cruciate injury
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    NEWS David Raya OUT for 4-5 Months

    He has to play tonight as he needs match sharpness. With a keeper it's all about reactions and getting your positioning right in terms of match play. It's rare for a keeper to get a serious injury so the chances are he will get a long run in the team. We don't give too many clear cut chances in...
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    Tickets Norwich City (H)

    Any ST holders who aren't going to the Norwich game and want their money back I am after 2 tickets and would happily pay for them.
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    Tickets Everton (H)

    Well that was a waste of time. Got in about 2.15 and tried numerous areas but no seats showed. kept refreshing but couldn't get any tickets and gave up when nothing showed for a few minutes. Will now try TE but that is no better. Beginning to get fed up with trying to get any for this season!!
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    Tickets Norwich City (H)

    Are we still waiting for ST holders to put their tickets on the TE as there don't seem to be any on there for sale yet?
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    Tickets Liverpool (H)

    livefootballtickets, 1st4footballtickets, ticketpad, are 3 of the sites on a search engine and have decent trustpilot ratings. I wouldn't go anywhere near them to buy a ticket and they actually add over £50 admin fees. But I have heard of Liverpool fans begging for tickets for the game and...
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    Tickets Liverpool (H)

    Here we go again. 103 tickets for sale online ticket site from £200 each.
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    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    I suppose they know what is best. If it affects them that much then go ahead and squeeze them into a corner where they are less effective. I must admit I was in the West stand and couldn't really hear any Brighton singing, but it seemed quite loud in my stand. Others have commented on not...
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    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    I don't really think that matters all that much, and getting probably another 200+ home fans is surely worth it
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    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    I think a slight change to the lay out could result in a few extra seats made available for home fans. Instead of the away fans having a corner why not move them around into the corner of the East stand, therefore only needing to section off one column of seats instead of 2 like it is now. Or is...
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    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    It shouldn't be too difficult to make the TE more accessible on the website. Surely it's in the clubs best interest to have every seat filled. My lad couldn't get on it although a member but after I contacted the TO they managed to re-attach his account to mine and then he managed to get one. It...
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    New Stadium Capacity (now c.17,800)

    my point was not that they were counted or not just that they were empty, and we had people saying they couldn't get tickets. How many members missed out that could probably have attended if they had been able to get one?
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