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  • Hello Brian,

    COxy rang me last night and told me.

    Very sad. He wasn't right when I saw him in April at Wembley completely pissed.

    Thanks for letting m eknow.


    Hi Sarah, thanks very much for getting in touch its nice to hear from you and Michael I'll drop you an email on your email address you've given me. Like you I'm numb finding out this tragic news.

    Hi Brian, My name is Sarah (your Niece) Hope i've got the correct one. My brother Micheal said he'd seen your post about Stephen. Well i'm sorry to say that it is him, and like you we haven't had contact since Nan died. I cannot believe it, I am so gutted that i'll never get to see him again. Please take my e-mail address, I have an address for lilian, but not sure if it's her current one! Since this awful news Info has been published in the newspapers, so I have Stephen's family address. Please contact me or micheal it'l be great to hear from you. s-ritchie@hotmail.co.uk
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