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  • My "you hate us" comment was based on a few comments made just prior to when we played you away but that was just a few. The 1950's was a little before my time my first game was against man utd 1969 charlton best etc what a team they were, it was the george best show for the last 20mins what a footbsller he was, I met some of those players from the 50's mullen who had a sports shop in wolves and billy wright they were gentlemen not like todays overpaid prim donas. Anyway lets hope today was a blip for you forget it and move on
    Just a thought - because we both agree on who was the best goalie - you aren't by any chance Rod Scales ex-Hampton Grammar school by any chance?
    If you are then I remember you cos I went there too (I'm Frank Gutierrez) - if you didn't it doesn't matter - us oldies must stick together when it comes to nominating "who was best.." - most of the GPG's don't remember the "greats". Kind regards. YORKIE
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