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    Josh Dasilva

    Did JDS play as attacking midfielder against Harrow ? On the team sheet he was listed as 2 and replaced by RWB I think ?
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    Unlikely Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    Captain fishhook hasn’t worked out how the Play offs work yet. Needs a few more practices first. Just keep throwing him back each time without taking the hook out.
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    Pitch not cut or watered last night - no need with donkeys on it.
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    Champagne Moment Champagne Moment v Wolves (h) 22-1-22

    Keeper is a complete tool. Was a cretin in the first game as well.
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    Andy Scott (Nottm Forest)

    Must have impressed Captain Fishhook.
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    Chants for Marcus, Ivan and others

    Another Beatles classic Let it Be.... When we find ourselves in trouble Ivan Toney is a Bee Scoring goals for brentford Toneeeey Toney, Toney , Toney, Ivan Toney Scoring goals for Brentford Toneeeey..... Rinse and repeat 🤔
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    QPR Announce New “B Team”

    Should be the R’s team. Wipe their R’s. Nonsense club not worth the airtime.
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    FT: Man Utd 2 - 2 Brentford (Baptiste, Mbeumo)

    Don’t want to be a kill joy but these Frank out ‘humorous ‘quips are not remotely funny. Can this be knocked on the head every time we play regardless of good or bad performances?
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    Think we should go for Coco from Muff. Would love to see his first training session with Ivan. We could also get him to plaster the wall he damaged 😀👍.
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    Emiliano Marcondes (AFC Bournemouth)

    I hope he tears up the Championship next year and gets his chance in the EPL. Nothing but respect for his part in getting us up.
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    We will win Saturday

    Also Need a hook and line and one of those things you whack the fish with.
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    Bees v Bmuff 2nd leg predictions....

    Don’t fancy anyone’s chances of snatching the ball off Ivan for a last minute pen regardless of the crowd.
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    Bees v Cardiff predictions KICK OFF 6pm

    No score prediction but I think this could be Super Tuesday for the Bees and the goal difference gap to the horns will move in our favour. However there are still more twists to come.
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    Championship Round 42 (Fri 16th - Sun 18th April)

    Much as i despise fish face and the sheep don’t we want them to win a few so that that they are still interested when they play Watford - assuming we can look after our own results, on the basis we probably need to win them all anyway for autos.
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