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    Brentford B contracts & transfers 2018/19

    Pretty sure that's Forss out back
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    BFC Players Accept "Wage Cut"

    Speaks volumes about the squad of players we have that.
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    QuaranTeam Cup R4 v LOSC eSports (A) - KO Tue 31st at 6:30pm or 7pm

    They're playing an FIFA match as their team against one of the other teams, because everyone's bored already
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Football (etc.)

    Apparently the German FA is considering not having title winners or relegation this season and instead just promoting the top 4 teams in the second division, and playing a 22 team first division next season.
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    Coronavirus: Impact on Football (etc.)

    L'Equipe reporting that UEFA will make an announcement on Tuesday regarding the Euros, postponing them until 2021.
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    Dru Yearwood -Signed for New York Red Bulls

    Zamburek counts right?
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    Saïd Benrahma - Signed for West Ham

    Not sure how to post the video on here, but this twitter post includes it
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    Saïd Benrahma - Signed for West Ham

    And the one that went out of the stadium took a very big bobble and came off his shin...
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    Fulham (A) Match Postponed

    30 quid for a young adult ticket is an absolute disgrace
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    Boro Predictions.

    George Saville has just been sighted popping into the co-op on Chiswick High Road and heading straight for the frozen food section. Can only assume that means we're going to win.
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    Pontus Jansson - Signs to June 2022 (+1yr option)

    According to this, Pontus won't be ready for Saturday
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    Luton Town Ticket News ***SOLD OUT***

    Bit sad they couldn't lower the required TAPs for tomorrow to a nicer number such as say, oh I don't know, 3457 maybe? Oh well that's life I guess.
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    FT: Hull 1-5 Bees (Benrahma (3), o.g.), Watkins

    Why do the commentators keep mentioning Rooney? In what way is he relevant to this game?
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