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    Dean Smith - Head Coach - Leaves for Aston Villa

    Agree, and I think he would have got us into the play offs this season if it had not been for the Brum 3. The remaining squad was good enough for a top 6 finish and the performance since the 1st eight games has been right up in the play off places on the remaining fixtures. Giving every team a...
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    Well Done Brentford

    No doubt that we will look to replace. The issue will be the quality. We have a really squad this season, and should have been in the play offs. However the Birmingham 3 leaving this season has probably caused enough unrest and potential play off place. It does take time to settle and have...
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    Barnsley match reports and comments

    So is it the money that DoF are concerned about, or building a team for the top 2 in the championship, as we are not far off the pace at present, but need the little bit extra magic. If Jota had stayed and was in top form, how many more points would we have acquired! I would suggest enough for a...
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    Andreas Bjelland - Signs to June 2018

    I see press reports stating he is not staying with another contract today. Will see if he plays next Sunday?
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    First Team squad changes for next season

    As Rasmus 3 year plan has failed to get us into the Premier league, as he made very clear at the beginning, with our model. Will be interesting to see if the DOF changes the model. It would be great to keep the majority of this squad and add a few more additions to replace the potential...
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    FT: Barnsley 2 Brentford 0

    I expect we will see a lot of changes during the summer now. It will be a different squad next season
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    Yoann Barbet - Leaves Brentford

    I guess DS big issue is that he will hopefully have Rico Henry back fully fit for next season. He will be the LB if fit.
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window (CLOSED)

    I suppose the DoF are working on 2 plans at present, with DS continuing to be bullish about the play offs, and the bees get the deserved promotion through the play offs. An interesting point to note is that we have not lost this season to Fulham, Middlesbrough, and Villa, the likely candidates...
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    Lewis Macleod - Leaves Brentford

    Thought he showed his class today. Really think he would be even more impressive if he had a run of games. I not convinced he is at full potential at present but if he stays with Sawyers and Woods in midfield they will be electric if they continue to develop and progress at current rates.
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    Andreas Bjelland - Signs to June 2018

    The DoF are probably also waiting to see what league we will be in next season. At present DS is very bullish about reaching the play offs. A lot of ifs and buts still to sorted out.
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    Where Can We Finish? - 2017/18

    May even come down to goal difference at the end of the day. The team have got every thing to play for in the last 3 games.
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    Henrik Dalsgaard (Released)

    It’s a shame he has not been fit all season, hopefully will see him even better next season, with Rico back to full fitness, a great pair of full backs..
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    Chris Mepham

    The last few games we have made 3/4 suttle changes. I am not against this continuing at this stage of the season. Also DS might be looking at the bigger picture in that we do qualify for the play offs, then the players will have more games to cover in the tired legs. We need to keep using our...
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    FT: Brentford 1 (Dalsgaard) Forest 0

    Interestingly, Hyam not in the starting line up for Ipswich tonight. makes Saturday decision all the more strange from MM.
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    FT: Brentford 1 (Dalsgaard) Forest 0

    We do have a much stronger squad these days. Whilst I am not aware of the players current fitness levels like the management team, I am glad that we have got some fresh legs in the team tonight. At this stage of the season, as a lot of Premiership team regularly use the squads, I think it can...
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